102 Followers Thank You… I Take Off Sunglasses

Thank you. I know there is a small community of you following me and I thank you for joining me on this crypto journey. We in this together. We don’t need to belong to one tribe. We only need to belong to the light side of the force of crypto. This is the way.

I am among you as one of you. Wanting to utilize crypto to build wealth to support my family and pay off the mortgage. To me crypto is the new way to build wealth and financial freedom.

Some of you from the age of the boomers and even part of Gen X are breaking from the traditional way of finance and wealth building. Stocks, bonds, savings accounts and gold… this is old school. (I have stocks, I hodl lol) We are discovering a better way to build wealth and financial freedom.

I’m not a financial adviser. I’m a crypto enthusiast who enjoys reading charts and figuring out the direction of my favorite projects. And if you find my insight helpful while you do your due diligence that’s great. Own your own decisions and never take my word for it. Don’t make financial decisions based on what I do. I’m sharing with you what is working for me.

Thanks for reading my blogs. Please do comment or join the conversation on telegram. I’ll be talking about other projects I’m in down the road too. Until then. Peace.

Diamond Hands are forever!

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