I do not write this to disrespect or take down the community of ShibAdults Reddit. They are a well intentioned group of grown ups. However, I have left the community very dissapointed. I write and I speak to simply share and educate through my experience. So why did I leave?

I’ve been searching for a good crypto credit card. It’s not easy living in Japan. Their are no crypto card issuers here. So I’ve been searching for many years. Their were a couple of cards that came up but none that really took off here. …

Well from yesterday it looked as if we were heading down that path to below .00004 however the bulls said no way. Nice small rally back up to .00005 now holding steady around that .000045 support level where we have been consolidating. (Circled in purple)

SHIB is strong. Very impressed…


Artist | UI Designer | Crypto enthusiast | Developer | bungalogic.com | Youtube.com/bungalogic

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