The sea of red in the crypto market, isn’t it a beautiful thing? Moments like this you simply need to embrace and accumulate. Most people do the exact opposite, they panic with paper hands and sell at a loss. That FUD be poisoning their mind. But not me. It’s a sale. And the larger the correction the best crypto deals you will find. And SHIB is a great deal below ~700.

Let’s take a look at the Wall Street cheat above. I feel we could be heading right into a depression. We’ve gotten a small taste of it this past…

I’m a simple man. And I like things simple. To grow my crypto portfolio I could be actively trading. But for someone like me it’s difficult to find time to dedicate to trading. It requires a lot of ones attention and time. I run a small business which takes up a majority of my time. Enter ShibaSwap.

Since ShibaSwap first started I’ve been in it. I’ve been in since the 2 week liquidity event. And I kept my expectations low. I knew I wouldn’t be making astronomical gains because I myself am not a whale. …

It’s good to have a solid portfolio with a good foundation of ETH, BTC and BNB. Never put all your eggs in one basket. A diverse portfolio and learning how to grow your crypto strategically is as important as HODLing.

The mistake that some people may make is that when one project is pumping they sell out there bags in what they are HODLing currently and jump into that project hoping for quicker gains. They let the FOMO cloud there judgement without doing there due diligence.

Greed Kills and FOMO drives inexperienced crypto holders to make rash decisions. I’m seeing…

Yup when ShibaSwap was given a 3% score for whatever by a website called DeFi Safety people went nuts. Haters spread FUD. Recently Certik just released its final score for ShibaSwap giving it a 92 for safety.

It’s tale of two websites. One possibly sharing misleading info to create FUD? My question is what is DeFi safety really basing there info on?

Certik has been working with the Devs and going back and forth the past few months before finalizing and releasing their score.

So who you gonna believe? The generic looking website that magically popped out a score within…

I am writing to share my first experience with the ShibaSwap. Yes I know there are videos on YouTube that explain ShibaSwap and so forth but I want to break it down in a way that is easy to understand, without going into too much detail. If you would like to know the nitty gritty details read the woofpaper 2.0 here.

Tried on my iPhone
It simply didn’t work for me. Tried to connect my Trust Wallet. Then I remembered it only works with Metamask or Coinbase wallet.

On my desktop connecting Metamask it connected and then I was ready…

It was a great AMA (Ask Me Anything) this morning my time here in Japan. I wanted to put together this little recap. This way you can avoid endless scrolling through the telegram like me. This one is for SHIB community.

Certik on its Process.

Ok so the audit process is as follows:

We work first with the team to understand the purpose of the code. The business logic is just as important as the code logic

Once we understand the purpose of the project, we work with the team looking at implementation

Our fabulous engineers go through and look…

Ive been tracking SHIB daily in Shibadults reddit community. Big shout-out to all my SHIB holders out there. Id like to share with you what I have learned and what I see coming for SHIB. I will also share with you my price prediction for SHIB for 2021.

Some people have brought to my attention that my daily TA is not necessary because the market is following BTC. I’m going to disagree and say that if you are invested in something its important to understand all you can about it. Thank goodness the majority of those that follow me appreciate…

Dogecoin is a meme. All these other “Inu” projects are memes too. SHIB started out as meme but is proving to be something more. Nothing wrong with meme projects they are built on hype and marketing. Longevity is based on the community interest around the project. If a project is solid enough it will grow beyond the community and hold its own.

Dogecoin is actually one of those meme projects that has turned out quite solid. Elon is supposedly working withe Doge developers to see where they can take it next. Dogecoin is similar to bitcoin. Its growth is simply…

Are you familiar with Wyckoff market analysis? It’s like an imaginary force that is literally manipulating the market. I first heard of it on YouTube. I did some follow up reading on it. It’s quite fascinating. Let me sum it up for you from my understanding of it, “Dump it, buy it, pump it – rinse and repeat.”

The dumping phase is simply the market dropping from its highs like a correction. On the way down retail investors will sell in a panic from fear of losing there gains. It’s at this time the institutional investors and bots swoop up…

There are three major catalysts that will increase the price of SHIB. I’m not one to drop click bait and say things to hype people up. This is crypto. It’s all fun and games but the loss is real, the gains are high. High risk, high reward. Play at your own risk. At the same time I feel it’s important to understand the investments you’ve made not just because of FOMO. With that here’s my thoughts on the direction of SHIB from things I’ve read and from doing my own daily chart analysis.

Coinbase is coming. It’s delayed but for…


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