I listened to the SHIB AMA on twitter. Been wanting to put this out but really wanted to listen more closely so I can share with you good accurate information. SHIB has a very ambitious roadmap ahead of it.

I’ve written this in a way that’s more of me highlighting…

I’ve been a bit down and out lately. Came down with a very severe sore throat pharyngitis and body chills. Thank goodness it wasn’t covid. That’s what the doctor said. So they put me on meds and I’m on the mend.

Very sad Christmas this year for me because I…

It’s been an enjoyable ride to the downside but I think it’s time for a little reversal after SHIB hit a low below .000029. Since then it has bounced back nicely and we could headed for greener pastures. To confirm that I’ll compare the weekly against the one day.



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