Declaration of State of Emergency Japan – Japan takes on the Corona Virus

  • saving the economy.
  • balance the two
  • asking people to adhere to social distancing.
  • asking people to stay home.
  • encouraging people to be united in following protocols
  • avoid crowded spaces
  • protect our society by practicing social distancing and staying home.
  • we are in a state of emergency
  • business are limited
  • evening entertainment facilities close.
  • don’t spread false information
  • unite to flatten the curve
  • we had experts following clusters
  • they have been preparing hotels for major overreach.
  • they have wanted to make sure our medical facilities not overwhelmed.
  • they have been following advice of experts in preparing.
  • drug stores
  • conbini
  • trains
  • hospital
  • pharmacies
  • restaurants (take preventive measures and close early
  • don’t spread misinformation on social media
  • practice social distancing.
  • work from home if can
  • encourage others to stay home.



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