DOGE One Hit Wonder – SHIB Will Flip DOGE #shibflipdoge

One thing is true what the pundits say memes are pump and dumps. And when all the hype has cleared if the token has no utility… it’s value decreases further. Like yesterday’s one hit wonders on the radio that is what Doge is. Doge is a one hit wonder. Now don’t get me wrong. Much love and respect to the Doge community. But utility. Doge needs utility.

SHIB on the other hand is primed and ready to move mountains. What utility does SHIB have? ShibaSwap. You can stake, farm and grow it. You can earn Leash and Bone from it. You can earn on top of simply holding it.

Coming this week we got Shiboshi NFTs. Later to be released our very own blockchain Shibarium. And on top of this a game to go along with the NFTs. Amazing.

These are some of the reasons why SHIB continues to be bullish and keeps marching forward. Utility. The force is strong with this token.

What future does Doge have? I’d rather hold Bitcoin then Doge for a store of value. Think of that. Doge started out as joke. It was pumped to its all time high of .70… now it sits languidly at .24 and dropping.

SHIBs market cap is rising day to day. It’s primed and ready to flip Doge. Nothing can hold back SHIB. Top ten is inevitable and we don’t even have to hit a penny. Boom. We don’t even need to hit a penny to flip Doge. Boom.

So when… when SHIB flip Doge? I wouldn’t Be surprised if it happened before 2022. Believe that. And if you believe like I believe share this with the hashtag #shibflipdoge and let’s get it.

Diamond Hands. #shibflipdoge make it viral. Spread the love. Let’s go!!! #shibflipdoge

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