Earn SHIB Daily by Staking – Make SHIB Work For You

So you bought a bag. You FOMO’d into SHIB. I’m seeing a lot of noobs entering the space for the first time. And now your sitting on that bag and watching it grow in marketcap. Welcome to the SHIB Army. Now, let’s talk about staking and how you can grow your bag without spending more money. Now it’s time to put that SHIB to work.

First, what is staking you ask? In layman’s terms it’s simply a place where you can lock your funds for a period of time and earn interest daily. Think of it like earning interest in a savings account. You can usually pull out at anytime at no loss.

Why Stake? Simple, to make your crypto work for you so you can make gains in your sleep. Also by staking it encourages you to have diamond hands and can prevent you from selling.

The best question is how to stake. Their are two platforms that I recommend to stake on. One, Binance or Two bury on the ShibaSwap. Due to Ethereum’s insane gas fees I’d recommend stake on Binance for beginners.

I currently am staking on both platforms but I prefer staking on Binance. Its very straight forward and Binance is whitelisted as an official place to stake SHIB. Please check my image below on how to stake on Binance.

The image is pretty straight forward and it really is this simple to stake on Binance. I really enjoy using the Binance platform. Staking is a great way to grow your SHIB daily without having to spend anything. Everyday you’ll see your SHIB bag grow daily. In step 8 you will see how much SHIB you earn daily and in your spot wallet you can see it grow.

So what are you waiting for. Make that SHIB work for you. Staking is a great way to earn more SHIB at no risk. This is why SHIB is amazing and why it flipped Doge. Can you see it? You are in the right place. Moon baby!

We are the SHIBArmy.




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