Face-it you May have a Weak Mind for Crypto and This is Not for You.

Are you looking for the next “big-thing” in crypto? Do you find yourself pumped for a project one week and then find yourself jumping into another project. ARB this week Nova Next week?

Do you jump from ETC to ETH blockchains scour various communities for something that works. Only to find yourself doubting, not believing and moving on to the next? Or maybe it’s that FUD in your mind? You cannot be committed to one or two projects because another project entices you with huge gains and quick flips.

You take from one, put it in another only to have the dev leave and end up losing. But realize that that last project that was growing slowly is still around?
But because of pride or your loyalty you decide not to go back. The ETH is there your too proud.

Lastly, do you find yourself in a project that’s amazing. The dev is active. The promoter is active. They are engaging the communities daily. Your invested in the platform. But yet you still have doubt so you don’t share it with anyone. Than you wonder to yourself… is this really working? You FUD yourself.

Is this you? If it is, than crypto is not for you. Sell all you have and get out. You can’t handle it. You have tried and failed. And have not committed yourself even if you think you have with all the projects your in.

Your mind is poison because you doubt, you FUD to yourself, don’t take action, and expect others to grow it for you. Get out. Your mind is weak and crypto is eating you up. Walk away. Face it crypto is not for you. The Red Sea scares you and every project you get into you don’t believe it enough. You just try and get out.

Well are you going to walk away? Can you handle it? If you can’t handle the heat then get out of the kitchen.

Still reading? Well than you are one of stronger minds. Now are we going to let this bear market turn us into FUD? No right. We buy on the dip, everything is on sale.

I’m going to share you some projects. I’m no financial adviser but I’ll tell you what’s been working for me in this bear market.

Trading — trading is terrible lately and I stopped a while ago. All my bots are off. They lose.

Dapps — Are winning and is the best place to grow crypto. Here are my projects and why you should be a part of them too.

it’s down. The contract is at 0. But the site is up. The game is active. All it needs is 100 strong players to get it back up to its glory. Or 50 players dropping only 5 ETC to get it started. I manage the site and have no plans on taking it down.

POC and ePOC
PoWh concept projects. They are still up and running. Devs are active, weekly broadcasts… oh this is my project. Haha. Been around since May 2018. While everyone had been running around… this place has been a roller coaster of slow and steady. But it’s up, Community is active.

a newer project but managed by A great guy who I know personally is dedicated to the project.

This is the one if you don’t do anything else that you should be in. It keeps to itself. Slow steady growth earning you 1.8% daily.

It’s based on a smart contract and you can even interact with the site directly on etherscan. The project is solid I’ve been earning everyday from it consistently. This is the project I have pushing the hardest lately.

Now do I say put all your eggs in this one basket? No, but I would encourage you to contribute at least the minimum of .05 ETH to start. Try it. Give it a few days and watch the ETH grow.

Like any business that needs customers to keep its doors open One-Eight needs it’s contributors to keep the project a live.

It’s like HYiP but it’s not a HYiP. HYIPs the developers shut down the site and you lose, that’s a scam.

One-Eight even without the website will continue to run on the blockchain. Forever. Simply access with etherscan. ( read my other steemit where I talk about this in detail.)

One-eight is even better than that 50/50 game or any gambling game. 50/50 you need to wait on someone else. Gambling is well gambling there are odds.

But one eight. You contribute. Collect your daily rewards. Invite your friends earn 2.5%. Recontribute weekly or bi-weekly take some out for you. That’s the strategy. As we follow this pattern than one-eight will take care of many people and pay out consistently for the years to come.

What are you waiting for? This is the crypto project that will secure your growth. Contributors are growing everyday.

Join us and be a part of this amazing project that will pay you rewards. Take out at anytime.

For the price of cinnamon role and a grande latte you can test the waters and see for yourself. Only .05 ETH to start.

Become stronger. Join us. Grow with us. Contribute .05 ETH today.


Be One-Eight Contribute today.

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Originally published at steemit.com on November 22, 2018.