HODL or Stack SHIB, BTC, ETH… Selling Is Not An Option

2 min readJan 21, 2022


Well BTC is down. The whole market is down. If you have bought SHIB, BTC or ETH before the last rally and never sold HODL is the best thing you can do now. If you didn’t get in on the last rally and were waiting, now is the time to get in. But whatever you do don’t sell now. January looks to be a month of corrections.

I haven’t looked at the charts too closely because at this time I am in HODL mode. And taking this time to see where I can dollar cost average down. I think for those that bought in high this is a great time to dollar cost average down on your best bags. This is the strategy I am taking during this time while the market is down.

I’m not selling my biggest bags. I’m looking for ways to improve my position. There are lots of new projects popping up but I have decided to stay away and focus and grow what I have currently. I am getting ready for the next rally.

Question is what will you do with the bags your holding? I think a lot of us are holding SHIB. Even though SHIB is down for me everything is still up. My hope is that a lot of you also bought before the last rally if so we are all sitting in a good position.

If your one of those that bought at the top of the last rally your most likely licking your wounds. Whatever you do don’t sell at a loss. Hold onto your bag and dollar cost average down.

There really is not much we can do at this time. All I know is that these prices are bargains because when we hit that next rally expect a lot of new all time highs.

I will continue to stack SHIB, BTC, ETH and CRO. For me that is what I’m focusing on. What are you HODLing? If it’s a top 20 I’d recommend you focus on that. Anything outside of that it’s best to watch. For me personally not jumping into anything.

Watch what BTC does next. Dollar cost your best bags. Wait for next rally. Don’t sell at a loss.

💎🙌🏼🚀 keep it lit.

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Note: don’t buy things because I say to. Please do your own due diligence. Crypto is very volatile and what can moon today can crash tomorrow. Take ownership of your choices. Use disposable income. Never sell at a loss. Just a guy who loves crypto who is sharing the journey.




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