I Left the ShibAdults Reddit

I do not write this to disrespect or take down the community of ShibAdults Reddit. They are a well intentioned group of grown ups. However, I have left the community very dissapointed. I write and I speak to simply share and educate through my experience. So why did I leave?

I was with the community when it broke from the SHIBArmy Reddit. It was created as a place to filter memes, when lambo and upvote type posts. It was a place to focus on tech analysis and relevant news without all the hype and jive of SHIB. In the beginning it was great.

I posted my daily TA. People seemed to enjoy it. And this is what made me want to rebuild my medium blog. So I can share more detail and thought into my daily TA without cluttering the Reddit too much.

But it was important for me to share. Why? Because I was a noob once. I had to learn from zero. I had to do my own due diligence and I know how challenging it can be to start in crypto. It’s important to find a place to belong to learn and grow. And this is why I loved Shibadults.

Unfortunately things have changed as of late. This community misunderstood my information sharing as spam. People started to comment on how useless my TA was and how my posts to the Reddit was click bait.

Now my understanding is that click bait is to simply lure you into clicking something that it’s not. Then when you click on it, it’s actually spam trying to get you to do something. Sometimes scamming the unexpecting.

None of my posts are like this at all. I don’t post click bait. I simply share TA and my crypto journey from my personal point of view. Simple right.

I sent messages to three different MODs in the group. I wanted to clear the air. I wanted to share my intent and explain myself. I didn’t want to post anything misleading to the SHIBadults Reddit.

Unfortunately, none of the Mods had replied to any of my messages. I was hoping for a response and a way I can continue to share my TA and my thoughts on SHIB.

They simply blocked my posts and now I can’t post anything. No explanation, no response to my messages… no warnings no nothing. Just blocked me.

So I left. It’s a great example of how we shouldn’t treat people. All they had to do was reply. I was reaching out and they didn’t respond.

But I don’t like it when people accuse me of being a spammer. And I dislike it even more when I cry foul and people don’t listen and they think I’m whining.

I like to share info. I like to encourage growth and help noobs and the community understand the crypto game. I think it’s great to engage in discussion to help with due diligence.

I don’t want to be associated with one way thinkers. And SHIBAdults has changed into a group of one way thinkers. If you can’t agree to their way they simply kick you. Like what they did to me. So I left.

Education is the key. My voice, our voices will not be suppressed. I’m grateful to the SHIBArmy for always getting my back.

Peace. 💎🙌🏼🚀



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