I’m Back Into Crypto… Why I Left and What’s Next

What’s up everyone. It’s been a while. At the time of writing this I know the communities I have built in the past are now but skeletons and only remnants remain. Too many broken promises. Too many scams and too many losses. I got rekt hard and it came at the worst time… I lost my father.

It was the summer of 2019 I was dealing with my losses in the Arbitrage project. I watched the community rip into one another and fall apart. While dealing with this I turned to other projects.

I was high as a kite looking for solutions to fix The Ongiri Bank project. At the same time I was sponsored my Nova Chain and Weenzee to promote there projects. It was paying good. I felt I had found my place in the crypto game.

I was very picky with my projects. I wanted to make sure that I always got into projects that were “legit”. I had built a great community of enthusiasts and we supported one another in our various projects. Waiting for that golden moment when we could all go Lambo one day.

I got invited to Korea for a project called quant. They flew me out and fed me good. It was a very impressive looking project. This would be the next project to share with my community and we all pushed forward to the moon.

With these projects my idea was to funnel all the gains back into Onigiri Bank to feed this project. Onigiri bank was my bread and butter and I felt very passionate about this project.

Things were looking great. With Weenzee finally saw some huge gains. With Nova building a small cushion. With Quant I saw nothing but green. I was ready to start putting these gains back into Onigiri Bank to reward the community for pulling together in these various projects.

My funds in Arbitrage were lost. I accepted defeat in this. Got in late and simply missed out. Then out of nowhere Weenzee scammed out. Omigoodness. I tried to take out all my earnings. I felt stupid left my huge gains on the platform. I lost a lot. My friends lost a lot. My community the people I supported and guided lost. Weenzee just broke me.

Then while dealing with the whole Weenzee debacle. Nova chain scammed out too. Oh my banana. Unbelievable. The people I brought into this lost. I lost. We all lost even more.

Then I got a phone call from the States… my Father passed away.

It was too much. It was too hard. I was simply broken. My heart broken. My pride broken. My community trust up in a mix of haters and those that supported me.

So I left crypto. With what little crypto I had left in my pocket. I took down all my videos. Apologized to those I could. I had no answers. I was lost.

I went back to America to see my family and to handle my family affairs. My Father had passed. He was and still is to me a great man.

It was one of the hardest times in my life. I didn’t want to be in front of the cameras any more.

So that’s it. That’s why I left.

In the fall of 2020 I started to buy up more crypto. Bought BTC and ETH. It’s funny you know it was right before everything mooned. I just had an inkling.

But I was simply going to stay under the radar. Buy crypto. Stack it and HODL. I was done with the projects. Ill focus on trading and stacking.

I had many offers to do new projects here and there. I said no to everyone. I don’t do projects. I don’t do promotions. I don’t back any project.

I simply follow projects that I believe in. Follow projects that will do good. Follow projects that can get me gains. I don’t feel the need to promote anything at this time.

But here I am. I totally missed Doge. Haha. No worries. I discovered the SHIB project. Somehow I found something here. The vibrant community. The comradre. The solid dev team. The impressive numbers on CoinMarketCap. How could you not notice such a strong project.

I like to engage with the project on Reddit. I do visit the discord, Twitter and Telegram communities. It’s a project loved my GenX abs millennials alike.

I’m not a hype man. I believe in math and the numbers. I understand the risks of the game of crypto. This is what I want to share with others. This is why I am back.

I share my daily charts on Shibadults on Reddit. I share here because I enjoy the more mature conversation and like mindedness of individuals on this forum. They are like me. Hungry to learn more and tired of the noise and bs.

SHIB to a penny? SHIB to a dollar? That’s all noise. We know SHIB doesn’t need to be a penny to overtake DOGE. What I am more interested in is the longevity of the project. The price of the token and it’s direction.

Do I think it will moon. Yes. Do I know when? No one knows and it doesn’t matter at this time. Will I sell out? I got diamond hands.

I believe in SHIB. I also believe in being realistic. The moon is a dream I’m sure we will get there.

The reality is all the money you put into crypto is gone. Consider it a nice vacation. It was money well spent. If it comes back to you x1000 great. But expect nothing in return. So use disposable income and never bet your life savings.

I’m back. Let’s get it.

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