In Crypto Our Tribe, Our Community - Sometimes You Suck

3 min readNov 15, 2021

In crypto you get a lot of squeaky wheels. These are the rekt plebs who have made poor decisions and lost. You see them in the forums posting negative responses and such. They FOMO in at the top and cry FUD at a correction. In crypto you get a lot of grown adults who simply can’t handle it when they are down and then take that frustration out in the community.

I’m very disappointed in one of my communities I’m a part of. Hence why I’m writing this. I’ve posted my daily TA simply to help out those in the community who need help in making sense of the market. Instead I get a bunch of off putting replies and negativity. Basically people complaining about why am I posting TA. This type of mentality is intimidating to beginners and it puts up a wall.

I was surprised when the community I felt most relatable to actually turned on me. The reason the community was created was to help and filter out noise. In the past I was asked to share my daily TA it helped a lot. Now it seems every time I post I get so much negativity. Out of respect I won’t name the community.

Now I’m no expert or claiming to be by any means. I’m simply making sense and sharing what I see. Yes we hope for the best and want to moon – at the same time always prepare for the dip. That is being realistic. Most of my charts are based on what I’ve learned from experts I’ve read in articles or watched on YouTube. Aj from run guys, the financial guy, FXStreet.

I’m invested in SHIB. I love the project. I’m thankful to the SHIBArmy. SHIB has really changed my life in so many ways. I want to give back to the community. This is why I share my technical analysis daily. When you understand your investment you worry less about it.

Looking at charts daily are interesting to some but confusing to others. I’m thinking and feeling the people who don’t understand are the ones complaining and thinking it’s useless. But for those who don’t understand I’d like to help you understand.

Emotions don’t mix well in crypto. If you threw non-disposable income at it I can see why you’d feel even more emotional to it waiting for the moon. Crypto rekts people when they don’t understand it. Technical analysis helps you to understand it more.

When the market is bullish everyone is happy. When the market is down so much FUD. That’s the cycle. When SHIB or any of your favorite tokens is rallying you feel awesome. When it dips and corrects… sad times. These are the ups and downs. That’s the reality of crypto. It’s volatile.

Crypto is emotional but doesn’t have to be so hard when you have a solid community supporting you. People join various Reddit’s, telegrams or discords to find a place to belong and get support. It’s how we get through the ups and downs. Together. Sharing and helping one another.

The world in general needs more kindness. Please don’t be an ass hole blinded by hubris. I’m seeing more of these types now a days. Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance gets you rekt.

Im just a guy with an ukulele sharing my thoughts and my journey. You don’t have to follow me. Im not asking for donations or money. Im not trying to sell you anything. Im here to simply help anyone who wants to make sense of this thing we call crypto. Im here to share you my experience and help you understand.

The more you understand the less likely you are to get rekt. The more you understand the more likely you are to make serious gains.

Peace. 💎🙌🏼🚀