Latest Information on Corona Virus (covid-19) Update JAPAN.

From the Japan Ministry of Health

Here is a map from the Japanese ministry of health.

I feel japan is doing good following the virus and being transparent.

Compare to this map which we have been following the last few weeks.


Also read in the japan times news that japan hospitals do have a shortage of test kits which is why they are unable to be as aggressive in testing. The current kits take up to 6hours for results.

However good news is they have received new test kits that can show results in about 15m. When and where these kits will be for the public is hard to say.

Check the cluster map in Japan. If you are near or close to any of these places do take precautions on your health.

We cannot rely solely on what our leaders tell us be proactive in finding information to help you make the best decisions. Don’t play blame game and think leaders aren’t doing enough. That doesn’t help.

Instead spread the word as to what we can do to help ourselves. And share the maps below for others to see to get a better idea on the ground.

That is key in #flatteningthecurve and being proactive in helping others. Stop complaining. Start doing what you can to help and share info. Share this info to all you know. Please.

And remember. These apply to everyone around the world.

  1. Carry hand gel alcohol sanitizer
  2. Avoid congested and crowded areas.
  3. Avoid people who do not wear masks. You have a higher chance of catching it from them if they cough or sneaks around you. (Safety not being judgmental here ok.)
  4. Be aware always of the people around you.
  5. Avoid touching public surfaces.
  6. Stay home if you don’t have a reason to be out and about.
  7. If you feel you have something have a fever of 37.5 or higher see a doctor get tested if you can.

Thanks again my friends. Stay safe.



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