Looking Ahead For SHIB Beyond “the Meme”

What a beautiful weekend and seeing SHIB establish its new all time high at .0000444. For those who have been in this since the beginning congratulations. For all the SHIBArmy holders congratulations. To all the diamond hands we got this. To all the paper hands… best of luck to you in finding something as solid your welcome back anytime. And to all the Doge who holders who flipped for SHIB welcome. And to the media and the ones who thinks it’s all about Elon shut up already and do your due diligence.

So why SHIB? What are we doing so right? It’s the trifecta that Shytoshi spoke of. It’s the ecosystem and the utility. It’s the execution of various projects to bring SHIB up to the next level to compete with these other DeFi projects.

The ShibaSwap was the first major milestone for SHIB. A defi platform for farming and staking your SHIB. Also a place to swap for other tokens. It’s also a place to earn BONE and LEASH. Can the Doge Coin do this? This is where we find utility for the SHIB token in the ShibaSwap. This is what makes SHIB a solid DeFi platform similar to SushiSwap or PancakeSwap.

What are we looking at for the road ahead for SHIB. Very excited to see that new game and more Shiboshi NFTs. Also waiting on the Shibarium which is SHIBs own blockchain. It will be huge when this is launched and worked into the ShibaSwap to reduce the fees. I’m not sure how this is all going to work yet. But what I do know the developers on SHIB are on it.

SHIB has a bright future ahead of it. I can only assume that many jumped into SHIB because of the FOMO. But know that this is not a meme token anymore. SHIB is a defi project and is creeping up on flipping Doge because of its utility and ecosystem. If your holding onto SHIB don’t sell it. HODL for the long term. You are in something that is bigger than you realize. So learn more about SHIB and I’ll share with you what I know and what I learn too. That’s what it means to be in this together. We are the SHIBArmy.

Lastly let’s look at the charts (see above). We are now in an area of staging and consolidation. I have drawn a box around the area between .000035 and .000038. It’s my hope that we stay in this area for the coming days. This is a good place to correct and prepare for the next run up. Building that support at .000035. The market is now in a correction and after this weekends run I see SHIB doing the same. This is what I see for now.

Let’s enjoy the ride and watch to see what this week will bring and I’ll share more technical analysis through the week.


Note: I’m not a financial advisor. I’m sharing my journey and my experience. Do your own due diligence before getting involved in any crypto projects. It’s a very volatile market and your results will not be the same as mine if you are only fomo’ing into things to get rich. Take ownership of your choices. Don’t buy because of anything I said.