Looking at Crypto from a New Perspective — Buying Land with PlanetCrypto and Earning ETH Daily with one-eight.io

Crypto is the Wild West and we are players chasing big crypto dreams. You see crypto is a game to be played. And right now that game is playing a lot of people. I bet the game has even played you. You listen to the pundits, trade this, follow this candle stick, bitcoin futures, trading bots follow this trend, blah, blah, blah bullshit.

Look where this has gotten a lot of people. The sea of red. Everyone who was trading, relying on futures, jumping into ICOs, turns out they lost a lot and only a small handful of people made it out barely. Do you want to keep doing this? Is it really working?

A sea of Red. Death and Gloom everywhere. FUD! In this bear market who wants to really trade and lose? How much have you lost already in this bloodbath? I feel that we have all been looking at the game of crypto from the wrong perspective.

Would you like to know who will be the ones that will come out on top of this mess? It will be the people who don’t follow the normal conventions. The ones who see crypto for what it really is. A game. A big game to be played. You must know the game and you must see the game differently to really conquer it. Its time to look at this from a different point of view. Look at it with a fresh pair of new eyes.

Gone are the days of trading, ICOS and mining. Bitcoin is not even a big thing now and its clamoring to stay relevant. Do you want to know where the money is really being made in this bear market?

Its quite obvious. Dapps. Ethereum Blockchain games. Step outside the norm and into a flourishing market of crypto money making opportunities. Are there scams, yes. Crypto is full of shitcoins, scammers and FUD. But look more closely and see beyond all of this and you will find the gems. Let me share you two.

Buy and take over the world with PlanetCrypto. This is a unique game where you can buy virtual plots of land anywhere in the world. You want to own the White House, the Pyramids, Texas.. or maybe your favorite university, Cupertino and maybe even the headquarters of your favorite corporation? The possibilities are truly limitless.

People are already vying for tourist destinations and hot spots. The Great land grab has already begun and people are now buying up land all around the world.

The more land you own, the more empire points you have. The more empire points you have the more ETH you will earn. Its that simple. Oh and there are hostile take-overs where you can lose your empire points… but you’ll make ETH at the same time when someone buys your card.

This is only the beginning of something very big and very beautiful. And definitely something that players of the game can and will truly benefit from in the long run.

How about earning ETH daily at 1.8% everyday, one-eight.io. Be one one-eight. Contribute and start earning instantly. Invite your friends and earn even more. The contribution fund is funded not only from players but from affiliate partnerships with Changelly, BigCoin and Blazen Tokyo.

The way the contribution fund is being backed is enough for new players coming in to feel comfortable and secure. The team at one-eight is working hard to keep the game growing. And Grow it has slow and steady the past few weeks.

Currently there is 10 ETH in the smart contract and the game has already paid out over 1.8 ETH in daily rewards. We are only at the beginning of this project which is and will continue to grow to be a very lucrative passive income generator for its contributors in the years to come.

The bear market can’t quite touch you here. As the value of ETH crashes into the sea of red, you will be earning more ETH to cover those losses in these games. You’ll be making more ETH. And when the market becomes bullish again, you’ll be the one laughing. With your fresh set of new eyes now you know the game and you can play the game in your favor and come out on top.

What are you waiting for? Start earning your daily rewards in one-eight and go buy the world with PlanetCrypto.


Be One-Eight Earn 1.8% Daily Rewards

Own the World, PlanetCrypto.app

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Originally published at steemit.com on November 28, 2018.



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