Mapping the Cluster Outbreak of Covid-19 Japan

As a resident and foreigner living in Japan I feel I can understand the challenges and frustrations that some of my foreign counterparts feel here in the Country. I browse social media and read the concerns and feel the anger of several people in there posts and comments. My main objective has always been to share the best info that I have and encourage people to help in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

I have been following the outbreak since it started in China and have been very aware of its rapid spread. I am no expert by any means. I am simply a concerned citizen of the world. I worry about my friends and the people around me. At the same time I have kept a level head on the issue. Being proactive in sharing info on my Facebook. Being positive on the situation and believing in my government to do the right thing.

It's a challenge keeping people in check and keeping the economy moving. However the measures that Japan has taken to this point have been very good. At the same time there is an awareness that this thing is going to spike especially within the next few weeks. Which means now is a critical time.

Its ok to disagree and challenge leaders. At the same time we need to be empathetic of the situation at hand and what they are dealing with. We are no experts and complaining and ranting about the government doesn't help anyone. They have experts in place advising them in making the best decisions.

So with that today I wanted to share with you some important info to get you through this pandemic. Map o

Above is a map of the various patients that have been confirmed. Now this map is in Japanese and may be hard for some to follow if you do not read Japanese. Allow me to share what the colors mean.

- Circles with Numbers are being treated.
- Circles with dates are Asymptomatic cases
- Cases where movement can be traced - you can follow the blue path of movement
- Recovered Patients who have been discharged
Cruise Ship and Live
- these are first know outbreaks from Princess Cruise Ship and Live Events with Large cluster outbreaks
- Cases since the 13th of March from the Ministry of Health

By using the Map above you can locate the number of those infected around you. This is by no means perfect. However, It will give you a good general idea of where this thing is around you. The most important thing is to be aware.

There are now several unknown cases of transmission here in Japan. So moving forward its going to be very difficult. At the same time we are being advised by our leaders to stay home and to do our part in flattening the curve.

There is no official Lockdown. Abe has stated that shutting things down can have very adverse effects on the economy. So to help prevent the spread of the disease they ask the people on their good faith to stay home and avoid venturing out.

Their is no need to stock on food and such. Stores will remain open. Tests are only given to those who have temperatures of 37.5 or above. The reasoning is because a shortage of kits and to prevent hospital from overcrowding. If you have no symptoms than simply stay home is what they are asking. Its best that we continue to practice social distancing and self quarantine for the good of the nation.

You can do a self screening by using the new Apple App that has been recently released. You can learn more about that here, Covid-19 Screening app . This app is a great way to screen yourself.

Japan has very slow and methodical approach. If you have no symptoms stay home. If you have no fever no need to get tested. If you are worried try the App above.

Let us do our part in flattening the curve. That is the best we can do. By sharing information and helping one another we can live to see another day and fight this invisible monster Covid-19 dubbed, the Honey Badger Virus.