North for SHIB, But First a Dip

1 min readSep 25, 2021


The sea of red in the crypto market, isn’t it a beautiful thing? Moments like this you simply need to embrace and accumulate. Most people do the exact opposite, they panic with paper hands and sell at a loss. That FUD be poisoning their mind. But not me. It’s a sale. And the larger the correction the best crypto deals you will find. And SHIB is a great deal below ~700.

Let’s take a look at the Wall Street cheat above. I feel we could be heading right into a depression. We’ve gotten a small taste of it this past week and I think we should dip further. I’m expecting October to be full of anger and capitulation.

The market will then flush out the remaining weak hands who are full of depression. And after they sell through November and December many will be filled with disbelief.

January will bring us a new hope and I’m expecting to see SHIB eat that 0. I’m very optimistic for SHIB in 2022 and looking forward to the euphoria stage. I can look back to today and know that I played the market smart and accumulated.

Diamond hands are forever. Peace.