Onward SHIBArmy Soldier – Who Are You?

3 min readDec 6, 2021

In times of abundance when SHIB is mooning we celebrate. We share memes, we laugh, we celebrate. In times of red we see quite the opposite. Their is fear, uncertainty and doubt. All positivity flies out the window and some of us forget what we were celebrating. Hodl and onward SHIBArmy Soldier happy days will return again. But first…

Which one are you? Did you buy in high, are you waiting for an entry point or are you one that has been HODLing for a long time? We as the SHIBArmy fall into one of these categories.

The Long Term HODL SHIBArmy Soldier. These are the ones who bought in before the second rally to all time highs. Theses individuals are in profit and have seen earnings of up over 500%~. They dollar cost averaged down and have improved their positions. Now even when SHIB is down they are still up. They never panic sell. They know the game. These are the quiet ones for the most part.

The Bought in High SHIBArmy Soldier. Most likely new to crypto. Didn’t really do too much due diligence. Jumped in for fear of missing out. Was expecting to make a fortune. Doesn’t know what DCA is and as the market tumbles they either spread FUD or sell what they have at a loss.

These types are the most worrisome. Its make or break for them when the market is down. They either learn and improve their position or simply lose and sell out. If you fall in this camp and are new to crypto find a mentor or community that will help you. If you don’t understand the dynamics of the game you will lose a lot before you can make back some gains.

The Waiting SHIBArmy Soldier. This type is more cautious. They have added SHIB to their watchlist. They are experienced in crypto or are too new and are trying to figure things out. They do not hold any SHIB, some never will. Some are waiting for the best time to enter.

The ones that understand the game and read charts and jump in when the market is down will do well. The ones who are new and are figuring things out will either end up buying in too high waiting for some sign. Or get lucky and buy because they just got their paycheck and fomo’d in while the market was down and got in solely on hype.

So which one are you? What type of SHIBArmy soldier are you? We all fall into one of these categories. But at the end of the day we all want to know the same thing, “When Moon?”

The market is down right now. It’s a great opportunity. If you have been waiting or bought in high, now is the best time to improve your position. Either you DCA or simply make the decision to get in.

You know what usually comes after a market crash of this magnitude? We will see rally’s to all time highs again. This is crypto and it’s the cycle. It’s very volatile yet very predictable to a certain extent.

Think like this. SHIB dropped down to .00000575 in the summer. It was the lowest it has been. Their were some new hands that sold their positions. Their were also those that accumulated more and waited.

The October rally rewarded those that were patient, but the new hands that sold missed out on 10x~ gains. SHIB sitting comfortable at .000036. This is its new support level. I don’t See it ever dropping back below .000029 at the moment.

Is the summer lows repeating itself as the fall crash. Only this time SHIB sits on top of an all new low. History will repeat itself.

Now SHIBArmy Soldier which side of the coin do you want to find yourself on? The market punishes the impatient and rewards the patient.

The choice is yours. Keep it Lit. 💎🙌🏼🚀

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Note: do your due diligence. Don’t make financial decisions based on my charts. I’m not a financial adviser. Just a guy with an ukulele who loves crypto. With that own your decisions. I’m not responsible if you get rekt. Crypto is high risk and high rewards. Play at your own risk.