Saitama Token is Crypto’s Hidden Gem – Up 500% In The Past 30 Days And Up %104,000 For The Year

2 min readOct 22, 2021


Media is missing it. I don’t read news on it. And it really surprises me because Saitama Token is really killing it and the gains I’ve received the past month testify of it. I’ve already taken out what I put in and now the rest is all pure profit. An insane amount of profit for what little I started with back in May. Haha. I simply bought it because I live in the prefecture this token is named after. I got in it for fun and didn’t care… at first I didn’t.

But let me tell you this. Saitama Token is the real deal. I’ve now 28x my returns. I do wish I put in more but that’s the game. I’m enjoying the ride and watching it grow.

What makes Saitama tick? That’s a good question. One thing is a solid transparent dev team. That’s a rarity in the world of crypto. Also a solid community the Wolfpack. A very chill and passionate group of holders. And projects. The Saitamask is coming.

Saitamask is a wallet that makes crypto easy for noobs. If they can pull off everything that they say this wallet can do it will be a game changer.

Saitama doesn’t need widespread media coverage to grow. It’s seems to have found it’s footing in word of mouth testimony and a smart business plan.

Saitama Token. It’s a rarity and hidden gem. Amazing how it grows flying under the radar. Big things for it’s future more millionaires to be made soon.

Let’s get it Wolfpack. And if your not holding Saitama Token and want to get some… get it on uniswap before Saitama starts being listed on exchanges. Because once it starts getting listed, you going to see this project go BOOM. And if your HODLing your going to do well.


Note: I am not a financial advisor. Do your own due diligence. Crypto is a volatile and risky investment and you could get REKT big time. I’m sharing you my personal experience. What you decide to do with this info is on you. I take no responsibility or credit if you earn or lose. It’s all on you. Peace.