SHIB And The Broader Crypto Market

When I think of how this year in crypto is going to play out I can’t help but to look to the past. I read the charts daily and for the past two weeks it’s been sideways with small pumps. Then I look at BTC and ETH and see that though these two pumped big in 2021 they now seem to be correcting and settling. And you see the broader crypto market follow suit.

So if I’m looking at the charts. I simply am thinking now is a time to buy and not to sell. Now is the best time to accumulate. BTC at its high was 68k and ETH right at 4.5K. If ETH and BTC stay where they are now I don’t see the market making any big moves quite yet. Currently BTC around 47k and ETH below 4K at 3.8k.

Seems like most people have collected profits and are waiting to see when is a good time to jump back in. Im going to be realistic in sharing my sentiment for the market now. It’s a slow crawl.

Look at where ETH and BTC have been in the past 5 years. Now look ahead to the next 5 years. And think of how alts will grow along with this also. There is some serious growth here.

2022 we will see a rise in retail investors. More people will come into the crypto space. The point I’m making is this. Now is the time to stack on ETH, BTC and SHIB. Do this and expect your portfolio to moon be end of 2022.

Those are my thoughts for today. I’ll start digging more into details later. The market is slow right now and for me personally I’ve done enough analysis to where I’m simply Waiting.

The market is heading up. I’m waiting for key things to happen. BTC to break 75k and ETH to break 5K. And in the short term for SHIB waiting for it to simply crack .00004. Until then best thing to do now is simply hodl and accumulate.

💎🙌🏼🚀 keep it lit.

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Note: I’m not a financial adviser. Just a guy who loves crypto. Own your decisions. Only put in disposable income and always do your due diligence. Don’t Take my words as gospel. Any losses you incur is on you.



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