SHIB Bounces Back Rejects Bears

Well from yesterday it looked as if we were heading down that path to below .00004 however the bulls said no way. Nice small rally back up to .00005 now holding steady around that .000045 support level where we have been consolidating. (Circled in purple)

SHIB is strong. Very impressed with how this token has been performing this past year. It looks that this area where SHIB is holding is a good place to be before it rally’s again.

In the meantime simply waiting for it to break through .000052 (circled in purple) then pass .000063. We do this then we can see SHIB reaching for those all time highs in December.

I haven’t marked up new trend lines or anything like that. Simply Following what we have made previously. I’ve left all my support and resistance levels as is for consistency.

I’d say expect a little more ups and downs before the next breakout. This is going to be a good weekend for SHIB.


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