SHIB Breaks Through and Tests Next Resistance Level

2 min readFeb 6, 2022

Well it was a fabulous weekend for SHIB. It was also a great weekend for BTC and ETH. We now find BTC back above 41k and ETH above 3k. All signs point to a bigger rally coming soon. Now is a great time to watch closely. As projected if we break .000024 we would get to .000027 and we did.

What I see is resistance now at .000027 and the previous resistance level becomes support at .000023. From here we need to see BTC and ETH back up. BTC at 50k and ETH above 4K can put SHIB back above next resistance at .00003.

If this doesn’t happen we will hover and dip between .000027 and .000023. It’s a good place to stage. If I were to buy back in I’d wait for SHIB to dip back below .000023 before I stack more. That’s how I see it.

I’ve left my analysis as is and haven’t changed anything. The great thing is we are back up above that blue trend line up I drew two weeks ago. Patience awards the HODLers.

Now that the market is turning around it’s a good time to do more analysis. When the market is down I don’t motivated I simply watch BTC and ETH and wait. The market follows these two tokens. Like it or not it’s the way for now.

This week could be an interesting week. We back now I’d like see some BONE growth too. But as we watch and wait for the next rally, keep it lit everyone.


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Note: I’m a simple man who loves crypto. I’m sharing with you my opinions and thoughts of the market. Don’t take it as gospel or financial advice. Always do your due diligence before you get into any of the tokens I’m talking about. Crypto is high risk and high rewards at the same time it can be brutal and volatile to the uninitiated looking to make some quick money. Be safe, don’t get rekt.