SHIB Certik AMA Small Recap

  • A leitmotiv I usually meant is “we are not a memecoin anymore”. Our first step to give an utility more than a meme was the creation of ShibaSwap; that’s a first step to move on from the rest of non-utility tokens on the market. As Shyto mentioned previously on the introduction, we are developing some projects like the NFTs or ShibaSwag, and that’s a place where our tokens will keep expanding their use.
  • Our intentions are that all of our tokens can be used in different ways in our mid-long term.
  • We don’t plan to burn tokens on transactions or stuff like that. We trust our project and at this point, it’s smarter to give them an use than burning money. On the future people will appreciate that.
  • Actually, the pairs BONE-ETH and LEASH-ETH are the ones with more AP, but it’s interesting to check all our eligible pairs to receive Bones in order to set your farming strategy.
  • As we’ve mentioned, and as you can prove being here on that AMA before ShibaSwap’s release, we are so close to reach our desired goal. We’re not going to announce the date, and ShibaSwap will be dropped to the world with no previous announcement. So stay tuned!
  • (Eric M)

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Artist | UI Designer | Crypto enthusiast | Developer | |

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