SHIB Certik AMA Small Recap

It was a great AMA (Ask Me Anything) this morning my time here in Japan. I wanted to put together this little recap. This way you can avoid endless scrolling through the telegram like me. This one is for SHIB community.

Certik on its Process.

Ok so the audit process is as follows:

We work first with the team to understand the purpose of the code. The business logic is just as important as the code logic

Once we understand the purpose of the project, we work with the team looking at implementation

Our fabulous engineers go through and look at all possible scenarios in order to see how the smart contracts would react

they mark down anywhere that there is potential for an exploit or failure of code

Sorry getting spammed while trying to answer

Our engineers then follow up by giving recommendations of how to alleviate these potential issues.

At this point the team who wrote the code goes through and makes decisions on how to alleviate the issue we found.

Finally we include the issues, recommendations, and course of action (alleviations) in the Audit report.

This back and forth and identifying and solving issues can take quite some time. Each smart contract is unique and especially the more complex ones can require a lot of time to understand, identify issues, and fix.

You don’t want to rush security – you would rather a more secure project whose audit took longer than a rushed one who is less secure.

So, we can confirm that once we deploy ShibaSwap and it goes live, and you compare deployed contracts with the audited ones, the famous “ONBOARDING” will change and the shield/board will be public?

That’s something people have doubts and wanted to make it clear for them

Hey everyone go look on

you will see the security leaderboard

once ready Shib will join all the other projects with full listings

Good question – I’d say that the audit challenges don’t change based on the community size, but our dms certainly do lol. Really though – the challenges that were unique in this audit were mostly based around the 3 token setup and the fee structure. Anytime there is something new or different (i.e not just a fork of something) we have to be prepared for new vectors of attack and potential exploits. I think that this fee structure certainly gave us some pause.

(Aaron CertiK)

Shytoshi on Ryoshi

Ryoshi recently unfollowed everyone on Twitter and changed his picture to the stars. This caused some confusion and made people think this token is (FILL IN THE BLANK) but the reality is, Ryoshi has always said he doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. Right? So, him essentially removing himself was his way of showing us that we had achieved more than he expected.

I agree with him of course. When you look at how the community has grown across the entire world, and in LESS THAN A YEAR, without a budget, you can see that we have a truly powerful and involved community. The best I’ve ever seen in any community.


Not being a Meme and Token Burns

  • A leitmotiv I usually meant is “we are not a memecoin anymore”. Our first step to give an utility more than a meme was the creation of ShibaSwap; that’s a first step to move on from the rest of non-utility tokens on the market. As Shyto mentioned previously on the introduction, we are developing some projects like the NFTs or ShibaSwag, and that’s a place where our tokens will keep expanding their use.
  • Our intentions are that all of our tokens can be used in different ways in our mid-long term.
  • We don’t plan to burn tokens on transactions or stuff like that. We trust our project and at this point, it’s smarter to give them an use than burning money. On the future people will appreciate that.
  • Actually, the pairs BONE-ETH and LEASH-ETH are the ones with more AP, but it’s interesting to check all our eligible pairs to receive Bones in order to set your farming strategy.
  • As we’ve mentioned, and as you can prove being here on that AMA before ShibaSwap’s release, we are so close to reach our desired goal. We’re not going to announce the date, and ShibaSwap will be dropped to the world with no previous announcement. So stay tuned!
  • (Eric M)

SHIB is beyond Meme and SHIB Ecosystem

I think it’s important to note that we aren’t JUST A TOKEN! We are building a real swap competitor WHILE maintaining the community tokenS. Note the s here, we do have more than just one token. So with the Swap as our anchor, providing usefulness, we can and will grow alongside the market no matter the fluctuations. Moreover, the swap is again, just another part of a much larger ecosystem. The power is in each of us to add what makes US special into Shiba Inu. This is what makes IT special. (Shytoshi)


The army is not always aligned. Being truly decentralized is by far the hardest part of what we are doing. But that’s okay. We encourage the army to work in groups to figure out small, sometimes seemingly miniscule things to help us grow. Be it stickers, music, a mural, meetup or just a private chat with a few people, these things add up.


SHIB in Multiple Languages

Hi Edric. Yes, one of the main concerns of our team is to work on a project that can be used/understood by everyone, experienced ones and new users. That’s what made this project succeed so much: a lot of people discovered DeFi’s world through us. Our team is working on making it as user-friendly as possible and there will be tools to understand how the platform works. Also, we have an amazing team of translators that are almost finishing the translation to an incredible amount of languages and this will be implemented after launch, but as soon as possible!

(Eric M)

Developer Team

The biggest problem is finding people you can trust. This will continue to be a problem. Usually, a team hires people after a long and arduous hiring process where multiple people give yes or no (or hard/soft yes/no) until. a fit is found. There are background checks and so many other things that go into bringing in a developer or marketer. In this type of TRULY decentralized environment, where anyone can use your logo or whatever the case may be, someone may create a shib account. Profess ShibArmy, work alongside for months, and then start shilling SH*TTOKENX

I often recount trying to find a trusted dev

I went to Ryoshi and said I need a new good Solidity dev. He immediately went to the community and alas, someone stepped up.

Okay, so I go to meet the guy

and he. says Hi

okay Hi

Me: Where are you from?

Him: Buffalo of the New Yourke

Now, I’m not a New Yorker, but I am absolutely sure NO NEW YORKER SPELLS NEW YORK WRONG



⚠️No staff will ever DM you to assist you with a wallet or request funds. This is a scam. Do not respond.

(David CK)


For those scanning blocks for deployment, first know that there will be scammers deploying FAKE contracts and also it is not official until we announce it as we prefer to do a fast live test as there are always things you cannot estimate in testnet. DON’T LOSE YOUR SHIBS OR LEASH TO SCAMMERS. PLEASE. Pretty please.

This will also allow Certik to confirm the previous contracts and the deployed ones are identical.


Shytoshi being Shytoshi

I want to quote it so everyone can read it: “@ShytoshiKusama in particular, has gotten a lot of flack for the way he expresses himself (predominantly from grumpy crypto investors who represent the more elderly part of the community) and the way he conveys his messages. Has that affected him mentally? PS: IGNORE THE HATE, I LOVE YOUR LIGHTHEARTEDNESS, I THINK IT’S WHAT MAKES YOU AND SHIB STAND OUT! ❤️”

In real life, I’m a mild mannered reporter that works for the Daily Planet. But when I created this Twitter Account, I promised that I would be myself. My favorite hero and fight for the army. For months, I’ve faced FUD, name calling, arrogance, anger, hatred, and even some threats that have caused me to rarely stay at home.

What I think people fail to realize is that we are (at least I am not) the 1%. I’m not a Harvard grad (though I turned down a full scholarship to Johns Hopkins) I’m a normal guy that spent his entire life working, learning. and taking the best of each company I worked for with me until I am able to integrate that knowledge into an ethos that for some reason people respect and love.

Others will hate it. F^&%^ them! While they complain about me and my rants or anti-fud they could be donating their riches like VB to save lives. Ultimately, I live for this reason, to prove that you don’t have to be the suit to be successful, AND then to help people all across the world in the process.

I live for this. Everyday. I cried this entire weekend out of happiness and frustration because ultimately, i’m still just another community member. So it doesn’t matter what I say, or does it?

and no I’m not Elon my GAWD


ShibaSwap Deployment

The ShibaSwap deployment process is a multi-layered process that will be implemented by this team. Once we are fully ready then the team will begin the deploy process which is quite intricate and involves a 20+ step process of deploying all the contracts involved in the swap. (NOTE THAT CERTIK AUDITED EVERY CONTRACT while other swaps only had a few audited. WHOMP.)

Then as soon as we see that it is deployed we will do a very fast mainnet test on things ourselves and then announce to the community admins that the swap is ready. In this way, the admins globally, can give a collective SWAP IS READY green light.


And that was the AMA. Lots of great information shared. I’m sure you could go through the telegram and may find a bit more. But these points stood out the most.

SHIB is truly an amazing project and it’s great to be a part of it. The future looks bright. This is only the beginning.

Stay safe and Peace. 💎🙌🏼🌕



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