SHIB Chilling, FOMO Tempts and Greed Kills

It’s good to have a solid portfolio with a good foundation of ETH, BTC and BNB. Never put all your eggs in one basket. A diverse portfolio and learning how to grow your crypto strategically is as important as HODLing.

The mistake that some people may make is that when one project is pumping they sell out there bags in what they are HODLing currently and jump into that project hoping for quicker gains. They let the FOMO cloud there judgement without doing there due diligence.

Greed Kills and FOMO drives inexperienced crypto holders to make rash decisions. I’m seeing a lot of talk in the various forums at this time and am quite surprised at what I’m reading. I’m talking about SHIB and Saitama Inu.

I read one person sold all of their SHIB and swapped it for Saitama Inu. Some are even calling Saitama Inu the next SHIB. It’s so surprising to see so many be so quick to abandon SHIB when once they praised it and held on so tightly. Watching that loyalty switch so easy because of quicker gains… it disgusts me.

Greed Kills. Imagine when SHIB starts pumping again and Saitama Inu dips hard for a correction. These inexperienced greedy holders will be in for quite the surprise.

The point I want to make is this, diversify your portfolio. Don’t let FOMO cloud your decisions. Don’t let your Greed for quicker gains make you lose what your HODLing.

Think. Do your due diligence. Understand the market. Crypto will mess you up if all you want is to get rich. Hope for the moon, strategize daily gains. Avoid FUD be careful when you feeling FOMO.

This is the way.