SHIB Correcting and Staging for Weekend Pump… or Dump?

1 min readOct 8, 2021

It was inevitable as SHIB continued to climb there would be dips here and there. Now we see it correcting. Most likely traders holding onto to bags and taking profit from the top. That’s all good. When it dips it’s an opportunity.

Here in Japan it’s a Friday. This weekend we could see either a pump or further pullback before the next pump to break the All Time High. It’s healthy either way it goes. Need the corrections to welcome new buyers. Need the pump for the bulls to trade. It’s growth.

SHIB is full of surprises. HODL with your diamond hands we are going places. I am expecting it to reach .00005 and beyond this month and expecting a correction in the near future with support around .00002~. These are my expectations. But really we are headed to no mans land where the price of SHIB will surprise us.

Over 700k holders and now a top 20 token on coin market cap. SHIB is back where it was in May this year. This is where we belong in the top 20.

So let’s sit back and enjoy the ride. We are still in the euphoria stage according to the Wall Street Cheat Sheet. SHIB army let’s go.