SHIB Fights the Bears And Prevails Back Above Doge

Well, well, well... I wrote yesterday that this will be an interesting weekend if SHIB breaks through resistance. And my, oh my SHIB never ceases to amaze me. This is why we read the charts daily so we know. And what looked like the bears pushing SHIB down bulls decided to go on parade. SHIB has returned with a vengeance and has taken back its #9 spot on CoinMarketCap

We have broken that .000052 resistance barrier. Broke through and smashed through the .000062 resistance barrier. Where to go next?

Above let’s look at todays 4h chart. We had a nice small rally back up to the .000062 level. We still have a ways to go to see how the remainder of the weekend plays out.

The next level for SHIB to break through is that .000068 level. Will need to redraw my triangles and check where we can go. But when SHIB is fighting the bulls hard like this it’s difficult to make a proper analysis best to wait a bit longer. However, what I do know is watch that .000068 resistance when we break through this I see us back at the .00007 level.

Never count SHIB out. Their is still too much FUD I read in the community and on YouTube. SHIB crashing. Bad news for SHIB… blah, blah, blah etc., etc.,

It’s best to check the charts daily maybe if your only now getting into crypto do your best to filter out negative noise and FUD. It’s their to sway you.

SHIB can go either up or down that’s crypto, that’s the volatility. As long as we know this we can remain calm. Remember the higher SHIB rally’s expect a pullback. And the higher the rally the harder the pullback.

SHIB in a good place right now. It continues to surprise us with its ability to fight off the bears when it seems it appears to be slowing down. HODL. We in this for the long term.

💎👍🏼 peace.