SHIB Going Down Then UP!

2 min readFeb 27, 2022

I’m waiting to buy the dip for more SHIB. I bought some CRO on the last dip I did a short sell on accident and it actually turned in my favor. I’m looking to do the same thing with SHIB. I sold a bit on the last rally and now looking to jump back in. But reading the charts I saw a flag and I was thinking… breakout.

Based on my chart above I’m expecting a dip below .000023 or right around it. And then after this dip we could expect a breakout. At least that’s what it feels like I see. We get that breakout I see it climbing back up to .000036 and then dip again. Just like the last small rally we had two weeks ago.

My buy back in price I’m shooting for is below .000023 maybe we can get as low as .000021. I’d have to wait another week or so. Haha. Anyways, that’s what I see and how I’m planning my execution.

Waiting on that dip, zero in and buy back up. At this point I’m focused on stacking SHIB and CRO. All the alts and metaverse tokens in my bag are down down down. With SHIB and CRO you can’t go wrong.

I’m going to sit back and watch. It’s all we can do. Still waiting on BTC to drop below 35k but there seems to be a resistance on BTC at 37k and because if that the market is moving sideways. I think we are fixing for a big rally but the question is when? How soon?

For now bank on those short trades or simply HOdL. SHIB gonna eat that zero before the end of the year. That will happen.

Till then. 💎🙌🏼🚀

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Note: I’m a simple man who loves crypto. I’m sharing with you my opinions and thoughts of the market. Don’t take it as gospel or financial advice. Always do your due diligence before you get into any of the tokens I’m talking about. Crypto is high risk and high rewards at the same time it can be brutal and volatile to the uninitiated looking to make some quick money. Be safe, don’t get rekt.