SHIB hits One Million Holders and Opens New Market in South Korea

We did it SHIBArmy!!! SHIB hits 1 million token holders. What a day to celebrate. We have hit the one million holders mark before the end of November. Amazing. And on top of this a South Korean exchange Korbit will be listing SHIB. I can see the us growing another 1 million before the end of 2022 it might come sooner. Who knows. Asia will stack more and more SHIB.

What is next for SHIB? Shibarium. This is SHIBs own l2 blockchain. It will probably be the new framework to build the ShibaSwap 2.0. It will also have a stable coin called SHI. This is most interesting because of the projects that can be built on top of this. I’m talking games.

We also have the Shiboshi game coming soon that uses the Shiboshi NFTs. More details of this project to come later as we get more information from the team.

More exchange listings. I know everyone is waiting for Robinhood and Kukoin. At this point she really cares when. SHIB just listed in South Korean Market under the exchange Korbit. This is a big deal as it opens up another door for investors from Asia to stack the SHIB.

All I see is progress. The wheels keep rolling and SHIB keeps growing 1 million strong. Now is a time to celebrate. And SHIB is staging now right above .000037. Great time to enter. We are getting ready for the rally.

December is going to be awesome for SHIB… if not December, 2022 is still going to be fire for SHIB.

Let’s celebrate. One million strong is the SHIBArmy.

Let’s get it. 💎🙌🏼🚀

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