SHIB Is Everywhere – SHIB New Listings And Weekend Speculation

2 min readOct 22, 2021

Happy Friday from Tokyo. It’s almost midnight and We are moving into the weekend. It’s been an amazing past few days for SHIB. New listings on Coinflex, NovaDAX, LEASH on StealthEX and recently a direct competitor of Robinhood. SHIB is on fire.

As we look at these recent listings we begin to see the wide spread adoption of SHIB. And these are listings only I haven’t begun with all the other amazing happenings of SHIB. SHIB on ATMs and SHIB with now payments. The list goes on and on. SHIB is everywhere and making big moves.

You can find the details on Twitter. What id like to focus on is what’s going to happen from now until Monday. This is going to be my speculative thoughts on SHIB through the weekend.

Let’s look at my magic chart below.

SHIB has solid support at .000027. Look at how many times it has dipped there in the four hour chart. SHIB bulls are fighting off the bears. We even saw a little break to the upside above .000028 today despite it being a pretty much red day in crypto.

The weekend I’m expecting a slight dip to test the .000027 again. And here’s the thing if it tests and plummets we are looking at the next support at .000023.

However, we stay right in this trajectory where we at now come Monday I see us up over .00003. And once we break on through that small resistance at .00002961 we could be looking at some new All time highs.

This is the weekend to watch. Come Monday it can be the next pump. Enjoy the weekend enjoy the ride. Don’t let the FUD get to you.

Diamond Hands. HODL and let’s go. 💎🙌🏼

Note: don’t take this as professional finance advice. Do your due diligence. I’m merely sharing with you my SHIB plays. Peace.