SHIB is More Than A Meme, Media is Wrong and F*** Elon Tweets.

SHIB has surged this past week finding its rightful place in the top 20 of CoinMarketCap. With a market cap of 10.7billion SHIB is stronger then ever. I’ve read various media articles online about how some say it’s because of Elon’s tweets and others say it’s a meme and is worthless. Well let me say this. It’s not about Elon’s tweets and the media is wrong in its understanding of what SHIB is. So let’s talk about facts here.

The media calls SHIB a meme and a worthless token riding on the coat tails of Elon’s tweets. Well, guess who didn’t do their due diligence. The popular media doesn’t understand SHIB. So let me educate the media and get some clarity out here to those of you who are trying to make sense of this phenomenon called SHIB.

SHIB is an ecosystem. A token with true utility. SHIB is a decentralized financial system. It is similar to other swaps such as Uniswap or Pancake Swap. We have the ShibaSwap. It is a A defi platform where you can stake, farm and swap tokens.

The road map ahead for SHIB is even brighter. The Shibarium is it’s own blockchain. Shiboshi NFTs coming soon. A game to go along with that. These all connect to SHIB, Leash and Bone – this makes up the SHIB ecosystem trifecta.

When you see all these projects related to SHIB you can see that it is much more than a meme. It’s beyond a meme. It’s a “bone-efied” defi project.

Let’s talk about how the media thinks the pump was related to Elon’s tweet. Elon said nothing about SHIB. He’s talking about his dog Floki. The pump is most likely Robinhood building up its liquidity to prepare for the wave of SHIB once it goes live on Robinhood. Also look at the charts and the way SHIB has been staging and the catalysts that have been pushing SHIB token price upwards. The last few months have prepared for this moment. It’s not because Elon tweeted about his Shiba Floki.

It is great to see SHIB in the media however the media is not understanding what SHIB really is. It is time to dig deeper. Don’t take everything that mainstream media is saying about SHIB as fact. They are wrong about a few things.

SHIB is beyond a meme it’s solid defi project. It has utility. Doge coin can’t hold a candle to SHIB. Doge is a meme and only a meme with no utility. This is why SHIB will eventually flip Doge. It’s only a matter of when.

So let’s give credit where credit is due. It is not because of Elon tweets we are mooning. It is because of the SHIB developers hard work, Shytoshi’s guidance and Ryoshi’s vision.

To the developers of the amazing SHIB projects and the SHIB projects to come. I salute you developers and appreciate all your hard work thank you for our amazing roadmap.

We don’t need Elon’s tweets. To the mainstream media, do your due diligence and get your facts straight. You cannot slow down progress.

SHIB has arrived and will prevail. That is fact. 10 billion dollar market cap and growing. That is fact. Solid defi project Shibaswap that gives SHIB utility. That is fact. A roadmap that presents more to come. That is fact.

This is SHIB. This is the way. Be a part of the SHIB army or step aside.

Diamond Hands are forever.

This is the way.

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