SHIB Listed on Robinhood Price Cracks Resistance .000027 - Moon

2 min readApr 12, 2022

Well if you are wondering why SHIB is mooning at this moment the big catalyst at the moment is the listing on Robinhood crypto. Read about it on Coindesk, Forbes or see for yourself on Robinhood. At the moment Japan and the East is about to go bed and the west is about to wake up. I am wondering where we will be at in the morning.

Past few weeks SHIB testing resistance at .000027

In my last article I wrote two weeks ago I said we need to wait for SHIB to crack .000027 resistance before anything gets interesting. Well at the time of this writing SHIB has reached up to .00003 but is not back down around .000028. I think this is the start of the rally. The question is could this be the one.

Here is what I am watching and waiting for. SHIB needs to correct above .000028 and needs to next crack next major resistance at .000036. but before we go there we need to hit the in between.

This is only the start. Lets see what happens from now through the weekend. This could be the start of something big. Im hopeful. At the same time waiting to take my profits and ride this wave.

For the past hour I see it bouncing around .000028 and .000027. These are some exciting times. Hold onto your bags and lets get it.

Feeling bullish. At the same time watching closely. Lets see what's next. The Rally is here... this could be, could be the one.

Thats all for now. Diamond hands. Peace.


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note: Please don't make financial decisions based on my analysis. Do your own Due Diligence. Know that crypto is risky. Own your decisions and don't get rekt. I am not a financial advisor and the views here are my opinions only.