SHIB Mooning and Will Break All Time High Nothing To Hold It Back

These diamond hands of mine. Bought in last May at .000034 then dollar cost averaged on all the dips down to .00000830. I ignored the FUD and simply followed the project do it’s thing. I did my due diligence and shared my thoughts. If you read back on my blog I’ve been in SHIB since May and have always believed in it. I got diamond hands.

Currently SHIB is on the verge of breaking its all time high. I bought in around this time in May. It’s practically pointless to do any technical analysis now. Every resistance level created is then broken through again. It runs, corrects, runs, corrects. Creating newer highs and higher lows.

The story is different this time around. In May 2021 this year, the India Covid fund and Vitaliks pre-burn held back SHIB. Now we don’t have those things to hold SHIB back.

Now everyone can see SHIBs true potential. And with Coinbase, Binance, eToro and all the others exchanges we have added through the summer till now SHIB is rising.

I feel extremely bullish on SHIB. We are now ranked 13 on CoinMarketCap in the world. SHIB is creeping up on Doge. We gonna flip it.

My prediction for end of year in a previous blog i wrote was a bit ambitious and bold. But at this rate I do see us closing the year at .00008 ~ .0001 realistically and conservatively.

And yeah after all the fomo and hype blows through I’m also ready for the crash. It’s going to come. But we don’t know when or how low.

For now enjoy the ride. SHIB to the moon. Diamond hands forever. Let’s get it.

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