SHIB November Lows WILL Bring December Highs

I wrote three weeks ago in this TA post about November being a great month to accumulate. And as I’m revisiting this post and looking at the current chart I feel things will pan out as predicted.

I’m also watching what other experts are saying too to compare the charts to look at it from different perspectives. I follow AJ from the run guys and the FinanceValueGuy on YouTube. And for reading things that come out on FXStreet and news on CoinMarketCap. The key point is the more perspectives you study the better prediction you can make.

I’m looking at the one day chart and have circled December. My triangle point crosses here. We’ve been moving sideways right here around .000038. It’s a very solid support line it has barely touched .000036. Which shows that the bulls are strong and holding strong here.

In the coming days we should see SHIB begin to break out to the upside again. It needs to first break through .000046. It has tested this level this past week and I would expect it next time to breakthrough and get us up to .000052. Then reach for that next resistance at .000063.

This coming week we should see some price movement. And by Christmas I’m hoping it will be very merry. Now at the same time it could simply be pushed down to .000035. Just be ready and have these expectations if things go south.

However, I’m expecting a bullish December. I’d like to see SHIB eat that zero. The SHIBArmy is now one million plus holders strong and growing day to day.

Shytoshi has also shared the future of gaming for SHIB. The chips are in place. December is going to be month of highs. Let’s close out the year on a high.

Stay tuned for more. Keep stacking that SHIB these lows may not last.

Let’s get it. 💎🙌🏼🚀

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Note: do your due diligence. Don’t make financial decisions based on my charts. I’m not a financial adviser. Just a guy with an ukulele who loves crypto. With that own your decisions. I’m not responsible if you get rekt. Crypto is high risk and high rewards. Play at your own risk.

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