SHIB One Day Chart – November Lows Lead To December Highs

Here’s where we at going into the weekend. I know it’s been a rough end of October. However, through November dips and lows I can foresee a good end of November and solid growth into December through January 2022.

We must continue to check the daily chart to see the direction. Here’s what I see from my viewpoint.

Resistance. There is a resistance around .00005286 I have that circled in blue this is where we want to break through. When it breaks through we can take a ride to the upside to next resistance at .000063.

Support. We have solid support around .000043. Support needs to hold here or we can see us drop to next support at .000035. Let’s hold at .000043.

I’d like to see SHIB get back above .000045 and consolidate and stage between .00045 ~ .00005 before it breaks through resistance.

For the weekend let’s watch closely. At the moment the market is also down if you check, ETH and BTC and other top cryptos they all pulling back.

Looking at all this from my own personal experience I feel the market as a whole is going to have a very sweet December. Think like this.

October testing new all time highs. November corrections and pull back. Some people taking profits. December we see the market continue its rally.

Choose your projects wisely. November is a great month to accumulate and stack SHIB or other projects to be ready.

SHIB. We got this. Let’s go. 💎🙌🏼

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Note: not a financial adviser. Sharing my thoughts and sharing my chart readings to those who want to follow the market. Do your own due diligence and DO NOT make big finically decisions based on what I have said. Take ownership of your decision. Crypto is volatile and you could get rekt.

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