SHIB, Resistance is Futile, The SHIB Will Break Through

The charts. I love looking at the charts. Not because I’m obsessed it’s more because I need to know the direction we are going. And I see that resistance in the four hour chart. The one at .00002961 we have tested this resistance level twice in the past few days. Still waiting to break on through. It’s a matter of when. The SHIB will break through all signals point up.

I enjoy watching AJ’s chart analysis on Run Guys I also follow a couple of other YouTubers like Austin and SHIB Planet. Important to get news and consider those what they say. Then I sprinkle a bit of my own thought process in it. The SHIB will break through all signals point up.

Below I’ll share my TA (technical analysis). Now I consider myself a novice at this chart creating but I do understand it. So let’s take a look.

As mentioned earlier I have dotted yellow line which I consider a small pocket of resistance. We must break through this. I feel the next time we test this level again we could break through or we might continue to consolidate. If that is so then we simply wait.

When you ask? Well could be this weekend could be next but we been testing here for quite sometime. According to my sources RSI is a bit overbought so we may here a bit.

We’ve been right here between .000024~.000028 and more recently above .000027. We looking good.

Let’s watch through the weekend and see when… The SHIB will break through all signals point up.

But you gotta enjoy the ride. 💎🙌🏼🐈

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