SHIB Rising and My Price Prediction .0????

3 min readJun 29, 2021


Ive been tracking SHIB daily in Shibadults reddit community. Big shout-out to all my SHIB holders out there. Id like to share with you what I have learned and what I see coming for SHIB. I will also share with you my price prediction for SHIB for 2021.

Some people have brought to my attention that my daily TA is not necessary because the market is following BTC. I’m going to disagree and say that if you are invested in something its important to understand all you can about it. Thank goodness the majority of those that follow me appreciate my daily TA. Thank you for the love, support and encouragement. So much love and respect for the community.

There is too much noise and click bait on YouTube. So much speculation and outrageous predictions based on emotions simply to get clicks. Most of the news we read and see is either FUD, regurgitated news or info not grounded in facts and resources.

We turn to the community to get info but even then the community can be just as pointless. Endless memes, upvotes and when lambo posts. It is hard to filter through all the noise to find good information.

As a SHIB investor there is a time to enjoy the memes and dream about when lambo. At the same time I feel it is important to be realistic and follow the charts to really know the direction we are going. It would be silly if all we dreamed about is getting rich without really understanding what drives the price of SHIB.

Hence, daily TA is necessary to really understand the direction we are headed. It is also important to read news from reliable sources that can influence the price and direction of the market itself and SHIB. The more you know, the more you understand, the better decisions you can make with your crypto investments. Not just SHIB but any other crypto you could be holding in your portfolio. Also the more you know and understand the least likely you would fall for FUD and simply sell out.

With that I see a very bullish SHIB. Since the release of Woofpaper 2.0 I have seen the FOMO slowly set in. The price for SHIB the past few days has continued to follow the uptrend line in my TA. The price of Leash is up 40% since the release of Woofpaper 2.0. There are spikes in prices and large corrections but I see it retracing back higher then before.

At the rate we are going here is what I think will happen. This is hypothetical based on several factors. One, the release of ShibaSwap is happening very soon. Two, the Certik AMA will bring more interest and help people to understand that SHIB is a “bone-efied” DeFi Project. Three, SHIB getting listed on Coinbase Pro and soon Coinbase.

Based on these three factors alone here is where I see SHIB going in the coming months. We will definitely eat that zero in the coming week. When SS drops I see SHIB reaching all time highs and beyond .00005. By the fall I see SHIB closing in on .0001 and by December .0005. This is where I see us going for 2021.

In 2022 we could hit .001. SHIB will also surpass DOGE in Market cap. Could this be a modest prediction? I can also see us dropping back below .000007 and BTC crashes the whole market and the Bears come out to play. Hope for the moon prepare for the bears. That is being real.

Thats crypto. These are my realistic expectations based on daily TA and the actual news coming from the official SHIB Twitter, Discord and website. All we can do now is watch what is happening around us. Be aware of what could happen to BTC and the market. Only take risks that are calculated based on what you know.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Know the risks and keep those diamond hands.

Let’s get it. Peace.




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