SHIB Staging And Could Breakout Soon – Have a Strategy To Win

2 min readNov 7, 2021


I’ve redrawn the triangle pattern to take a closer look at where SHIB could be heading. And as always it’s either up or down. But right now I see two scenarios playing out in the coming week.

I’d say by next weekend we could see SHIB move up. Play close attention to BTC and ETH these tokens dictate the direction of the market. As long as BTC holds and stays around or above 62k the above scenario could play out for SHIB.

SHIB could drop back to around .00005. It will hover around here and .000055. If it holds around here it will stage for the weekend. And if all is well we can see SHIB back above .00008 sometime after the 11th.

In a bearish scenario we can see it drop back to around .000043. If this happens good time to dollar cost average if you bought SHIB high.

If you look at the two scenarios you win either way. It goes up make gains. If it drops, dollar cost average down to strengthen your position and increase your SHIB holdings.

Don’t be a paper hands panic seller these types of people will always lose and get rekt. See pass the noise and understand that you can win no matter if the market is bullish or bearish.

This is the way. 🙌🏼💎

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Note: not a financial adviser. Crypto is volatile and high risk. Do your own due diligence and don’t base your decisions on solely what I say. I am not responsible if you get rekt. Take ownership of your choices. Crypto is fun but it can also be cruel. I’m here to help you navigate through the madness and FUD.