SHIB Staging And The Three Catalysts That Will Rock The Price Upwards.

There are three major catalysts that will increase the price of SHIB. I’m not one to drop click bait and say things to hype people up. This is crypto. It’s all fun and games but the loss is real, the gains are high. High risk, high reward. Play at your own risk. At the same time I feel it’s important to understand the investments you’ve made not just because of FOMO. With that here’s my thoughts on the direction of SHIB from things I’ve read and from doing my own daily chart analysis.

Coinbase is coming. It’s delayed but for how long we do not know. But do know it’s coming. What are the delays and how long will it take? That’s hard to say. According to an article I read on decrypt it said that the same thing happened to Solana before it was ready to go on May 24 I believe recently they finally sorted things out.

Getting onto Coinbase is a big deal. ‘The “Coinbase effect,” in fact, contributes to an average increase in price of 29% after five days, according to a March report from Messari’ (decrypt). Let that sink in for a moment. You look at the price now and all I can say is that during this lull… it’s truly a buyers market.

The ShibaSwap is now onboarding on Certik. To all those who have said, “When Shibaswap” or said that’s it’s not real… let me tell you it’s real. Certik is taking its time in checking everything. With a project as big as SHIB we don’t want to see a Sushiswap issue or even a bank run like Titan.

Those within the community that constantly ask when Shibaswap or complain about how long it’s taking need to simply dig deeper and do more due diligence. If you are going to invest and HODL SHIB take time to really understand it. Don’t go spreading FUD because you cant handle uncertainty. This is crypto. This is the game.

A project as big as SHIB with a market cap of 3.2b should not be rushed. Developers need time to fix and refine and ensure security for the community. This takes priority over all. Hence, why Certik is taking its time. Do yourself and the devs a favor by stop asking and simply following the community and checking the Certik website for updates. It’s your SHIB. Learn about it. Understand it.

Lastly Robinhood. From what I’ve heard and read all around the web it’s all speculative. All these youtubers and people saying it’s going to happen… well we really don’t know that’s the reality. There has been nothing official from Robinhood except some emails that didn’t even mention SHIB. For now Robinhood would be a great catalyst but at this point in time there is nothing solid out there. It’s all speculative.

What do we do now then as a community of retail investors HODLing SHIB or those thinking of getting into it now?

I do a daily analysis tracking the SHIB token daily. It’s very bullish… but at the same time it is somewhat unpredictable. It is following BTC closely at times. Yet, it seems like it’s following ETH more closely. Other times it does it’s own thing. Meaning it’s very volatile.

However, the great thing is it is achieving higher highs and new higher lows. Meaning based on my analysis I see it continuing a trend upward. I see the current lowest support level at .000007. It is currently staging right around ~750 – 820. It’s staging and simply waiting for one or all of the catalysts above to achieve its ultimate greatness to propel SHIB holders to the moon and beyond.

The thing is during this rollercoaster of highs and lows do you believe FUD and fold and sell out. Or do you HODL with diamond hands believing and understanding fully the potential of what this can do to literally change your life.

None of the three catalysts mentioned above has started yet. Right now it is a buyers market. Enjoy these lows and take advantage if you can. Because when these catalysts go off it will be the diamonds hands on the rocket ship to the moon and beyond.