ShibaSwap Certik Score 92 vs DeFi Safety 3% BS Score

Yup when ShibaSwap was given a 3% score for whatever by a website called DeFi Safety people went nuts. Haters spread FUD. Recently Certik just released its final score for ShibaSwap giving it a 92 for safety.

It’s tale of two websites. One possibly sharing misleading info to create FUD? My question is what is DeFi safety really basing there info on?

Certik has been working with the Devs and going back and forth the past few months before finalizing and releasing their score.

So who you gonna believe? The generic looking website that magically popped out a score within 24 hours or a company that took months working with Devs to make sure everything was secure?

In my opinion this makes DeFi Safety look so unreliable as a trusted source of info. They have a strange agenda. Why would anyone follow this site for info. They had no AMA. They didn’t interview DEVs. They didn’t even communicate with the community directly. It seems they were too quick make judgement. Riding on the coat tails of ShibaSwap to garner attention for their website.

Certik showed us how it’s done. Shibaswap is a trusted and secure platform. Certik took it to the community through a live AMA. People asked all the questions they wanted. Certik showed us how real they are in getting into the details. Read the 30 page plus report.

ShibaSwap is a Certik certified “bonefied” DeFi project. It’s here to stay. That 92 score speaks volumes of the platform. Defi Safety poor score reporting is garbage to get attention.

SHIB speaks for itself. Now let’s get it.


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