ShibaSwap DeFi Made Simple for Everyone

3 min readAug 22, 2021

I’m a simple man. And I like things simple. To grow my crypto portfolio I could be actively trading. But for someone like me it’s difficult to find time to dedicate to trading. It requires a lot of ones attention and time. I run a small business which takes up a majority of my time. Enter ShibaSwap.

Since ShibaSwap first started I’ve been in it. I’ve been in since the 2 week liquidity event. And I kept my expectations low. I knew I wouldn’t be making astronomical gains because I myself am not a whale. However, I do understand the concept of having your money (crypto) work for you.

If I was merely HODLing SHIB in my wallet it would never increase. The value will rise as the market cap increases but my holdings will not change. It’s just sitting there doing nothing.

I plan to HODL my SHIB till it gets to 3 zeros. I’ll take some profit but will not sell it all. Long term I plan to HODL till it gets to a penny. Realistically I know that will happen in the next 5 years sometime. I could only hope it happens within the next 2 years but once again, I keep my expectations low and realistic with a glimmer of hope.

That’s crypto. The roller coaster of ups and downs. What I do know is always buy the dips and DCA down down down.

So let’s talk about ShibaSwap. My strategy is quite simple. Instead of SHIB sleeping in my wallet I’ve moved it all to the ShibaSwap. I’ve staked some BONE and staked my SHIB. I have also digged ETH and SHIB together.

Now my earnings may not be so big. However the benefits of leaving SHIB in the ShibaSwap is beneficial for the long term. My SHIB is working, my SHIB token holdings is increasing week to week. My BONE gains are daily. As the Market cap of SHIB increases the value of my portfolio grows along with it.

I’ve heard several people in various circles say how ShibaSwap is expensive and blah blah blah. So here’s a thought. Try staking on Uniswap or building LP pairs. If your new to DeFi it’s quite the challenge. There are also so many fees involved in setting it up.

I like ShibaSwap because it’s easy to use. Set it and forget about it.

While I’m focusing on my daily hustle outside of crypto I can rest easy knowing that even if the market is down I’m making gains. When the market is up, I’m making gains. My SHIB token holdings grow, my BONE earnings constant. That’s the genius of ShibaSwap. Let your SHIB work for you.

SHIB has an amazing ecosystem. It has more utility then DOGE. SHIB is one of the most user friendly DeFi projects to date. If you don’t understand this I’d suggest you dig a little deeper.

I believe in SHIB because of its utility. I’ve been earning daily and the numbers I see daily are realistic and satisfactory. My bank account doesn’t grow the same way.

Think of it that way. Would you rather be making a few bucks a day… ShibaSwap is the way.

Oh one more thing. You can also stake SHIB on Binance. I’m doing that also. It’s great earning SHIB daily. So many ways to make gains in crypto. You don’t always have to wait for the market to be bullish.

I’ve learned this along my crypto journey and am now in a good space. If your new to crypto and you feel like your losing… check your strategy and your expectations. It’s all mental.

Never put your eggs in one basket that’s folly and the biggest pleb mistake. Also never think just one project is going to get you to the moon. The paper hands are always jumping from project to project. Loyal to SHIB one week and then loyal to another project a different week. Don’t be this person. These types are not learned in the game of crypto. They FoMO from project to project.

The best strategy is being involved in several good projects and giving respect to others. In the end it’s a diverse portfolio and solid projects that will take you to the moon.

This is crypto. You never know. I’m grateful for ShibaSwap and the opportunity to grow passive income. It’s the DeFi project made for everyone.