The New Token Economy and Getting Paid Ethereum in Divs

edit: I wrote this back in April 2018 the ideology is still the same.

Much props love and respect must go to the team of Proof of Weak Hands 3D. They have truly created a new way to “play” the game of generating passive income. And lots of other clones have now followed in there wake.

Though the idea of making easy passive income may sound appealing to so many, some have weak hands and when they don’t see immediate results they simply cave in and sell at a loss and look elsewhere. What they don’t realize is what they were looking for was right under there nose.

We have been programmed to think a certain way about crypto. Pump and dump. Thats right, though this approach may work with ICOs and alt coins, in the world of proof of weak hands its very different.

What we need to realize is that these type of sites march to a beat of a different drum. And though there are times you can make fast money with them for the most part its going to be slow and steady. And that is the mindset one should have when investing in a proof of anything.

Lets talk about the elephant in the room, MONEY. Admit it, you need it, want it and you want it now. You need to pay those bills, pay off your car or simply need more.

Crypto is a blessing and a curse. There are times you can make quick and easy money than their are times where everything comes to a stand still. When its at a stand still this is when the FUD creeps into our minds. We do rash things. Sell at a loss. It can become frustrating losing more and more.

Trading and mining is all the same. When the market is bullish it’s easier to trade and make good returns. And if your a really good trader you can make returns even in a bearish market. We can even use a bot to make some gains too. But these gains are small and not consistent. In the end you HODL most of your coins and just wait.

With mining you either invest in a miner or pour your funds into cloud mining. The gains are good and consistent. However, if your only investing a few hundred dollars in cloud mining the daily returns are small. And if you own a miner it loses profitability over time.

Which brings me back to Proof of weak hands. Some people call these pyramid schemes, Ponzis or whatever. But I am going to disagree. Although some creators refer to it as a pyramid like scheme it actually is quite different. Very different.

Lets take the referral system of a Ponzi or pyramid scheme. The new people coming in pay the people at the top. The next persons funds pays the previous persons. Eventually in the end a pyramid scheme fails. Bitconnect, Davor coin and HYIPs are good examples of famous crypto ponzis schemes. Get in and get out. With Ponzis there is an exit scam and there is always someone to run off with all the money.

Now what of Proof of Week hands? What started as a laughable coin is seriously no laughing matter. What people think of as another pyramid scheme it definitely is not. The mechanics are completely different from a Ponzi scheme.

What proof of weak hands is and the clones that follow are actually a brand new economy for crypto. I’ll call them “ProofDivs” or PDs. You heard it hear first I’m coining those phrases.

From Proof of weak hands to the clones that follow, they all pay you dividends. The way you play this game should be different than how you invest in mining or trading.

Proof coins are based on a smart contract forever connected to the ethereum block chain. They are immutable and not run by any human. It’s truly a decentralized system. There are no exit scams. No logins, no passwords. Dividends are ready to be withdrawn at anytime and go straight to your ethereum wallet.

Think of owning a proof coin likened to owning stocks. Stocks pay you dividends. Proof coins also pay you dividends on every buy, sell and trade. Unlike stocks, that pay you dividends monthly to quarterly I think, Proof coins start earning you dividends the moment you buy in and you can withdraw at anytime.

Owning a proof coin gives you ownership in the tokens exchange. You truly become a part owner. The more of the token you hold, the more divs you’ll receive in return. From every transaction through buys, sells or trades you will earn dividends passively.

If you are thinking of pumping and dumping, your strategy is wrong. The best strategy is buying and HODLing and letting the divs come in daily. Those looking for fast money have the weakest hands and will sell at a loss. And I would go as far to say that ProofDivs may not be your thing.

So there you have it. How would you like to earn money with crypto? Will you trade? Will you mine? Or will you invest in a proof of weak hands type token to earn dividends?

The last thing I’d like to share before closing out is this. There are scams. There was a token called Proof of Bubble and they took a lot of money from the community. They didn’t even show there contract before launch and people naively bought in to it. It was a very bad situation. Be careful.

When looking for a ProofDiv to play, don’t just buy into a new ProofDiv. It’s best to join ones that have been around for awhile and have a proven track record to be safe. Also connect with each tokens respective community. One where the developers are close to the community. Make sure it’s working the top 50 on By doing this you can play the game and be safe.

There is much more to share but I’ll save it for another day. For now I’d like to reiterate the points of this article.

  1. I will call these proof of weak hands token games ProofDivs or PDs
  2. 2. ProofDivs are based on smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain. They are run by the network, not humans.
  3. 3. This is a new Token economy and should not be treated like bitcoin or any other altcoin
  4. 4. Owning a ProofDiv token gives you part ownership of the exchange and pays you divs from every buy, sell and trade. (Bitcoin and other altcoins don’t do this)
  5. 5. Don’t pump and dump. HODL and earn divs is the best strategy.
  6. 6. Be safe watch out for scams. Join ProofDivs on that are ranked.
  7. 7. Join communities that are strong and the developers are active

Be careful out there as you search for a ProofDiv to join. I recommend any of the ones I have mentioned here.

If you enjoyed this article come connect with my community either on telegram or discord.

Thank You.

Get some PoC tokens.

Enjoying 35% divs.

Join our discord and connect.

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