The Reason Why Saitama Token Price is Dropping

3 min readJan 16, 2022


A lot of Saitama Token holders are probably wondering why the big price drop. The reason in the drop is to look no further then the dev team and Russ and how they have handled the roll out of Saitamask. No matter how many AMAs they do to explain themselves it seems to fall on deaf ears.

Saitamask has its issues. People are not happy. Holders have lost faith in the project. And then the groups think of the Wolfpack is to make fun of those that sell and call them paper hands. Yup, what a great community. Way to support one another.

I’m a Saitama holder. I haven’t sold yet. I’m not happy with the direction of the project. They seem really mismanaged and not so good at rallying people together. They have many challenges at trying to get this Saitamask moving.

If you look at the community people are simply tired of the promises. Tired of the hype. Tired of the over promises and the underwhelming deliveries.

It’s frustrating because we do have a great project. And there is still great things to come. But if the team keeps rolling out all their future projects like this. You can expect the price action to stays where it is.

The price will continue to drop if the team does not figure out a way to better communicate issues to the community. They can be very good at communicating at times but let’s hope that the dev team can improve communications further.

In the future Saitama should do soft rollouts first in their region. Any project they put out they need to simply let us know that it’s a soft roll out, not a full roll out and things will be released by region.

Then during soft roll out evaluate issues and positives and share with community. They should never set dates on anything just say Q1 or Q2 etc.,

Anyways. I’m simply sharing what I want to see happen in the future. I know the team is working hard. But they can be so much better. I mean no disrespect to Russ and the dev team. Simply want them to realize the great responsibility they have and hope they can learn to stop over promising things. Just tell things as they are.

And that’s it. I’m HODLing my Saitama. But the price is dropping because people have lost trust in the project. People are tired of all the issues Saitama continues to have. And until Saitama can find a way to remedy that. People will remain unhappy and will sell. And the price will continue to drop.

💎🙌🏼🚀 still HODLing are you?


Note: crypto is high risk. Do your own due diligence. I’m not saying to do anything. Please own your decisions and choices when it comes to throwing your money at crypto. It’s all on you. If you lose money and get rekt. It’s on you. I’m passing info and simply sharing my thoughts.