The Rise of the New Token Economy II

As one being in development I do have somewhat of an advantage of knowing what’s to come. Well I do know whats to come for the projects that I am working on. Because I have this bit of knowledge I can prepare myself and be ready. Can I predict the future, no I cannot. Can I make the future for the vision I have for it? Yes I can control this factor.

If you haven’t read my article “The New Token Economy” I’d recommend you read it after this so you can wrap your head around what I am presenting here to you. I’ll provide the link below.

Continue on. As I have stated in that article the rise of the clones the prediction is coming true. The rise of sites modeling the PoWh code is astounding. There are over 1000 similar contracts on the blockchain now.

Some of these projects are legit, others built for the sole purpose of a quick pump and dump and leaving its users to fend for themselves. Watch out for those shady developers and scam artists. It can be difficult for any newbie navigating these waters.

The rise of these powh like websites or “proofs will be a multi-million dollar, possibly billion dollar industry. Proof of Weak Hands 3D hit a staggering 9000 ether at its peak that’s nearly 6 million dollars. And right now the other site modeling the code, The Proof of Trevon James project, is at 350 ether with the high hitting 430 ether.

Though the smart contract to these sites is what makes them solid, not all are as solid, it’s the leadership that is what is lacking in this sector. And with a lot of new people interested in the space it makes newbies easy prey for scam artists looking to make a quick buck.

Most developers are very low key figures. There are no real faces behind the PoWh 3D project. The system is automatic and it can sustain itself however, it needs a thriving community to rally around it.

In these communities though are people who can bring some negative vibes. They cause a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in people. And if a project’s community is not maintained and managed properly the environment becomes quite toxic and the negative vibes cause the whole project to fall apart. This is the issue with projects that are faceless.

Currently if you look at the state of things some of the communities of these proofs are quite divided or fragmented. A vast majority of them have this “us or them” mentality and some people can become quite juvenile. I honestly think its quite immature for these playing adults to be so childish. A lot of this mud slinging and negativity to me is just a waste of time and emotion. There are a lot of emotions involved in these games. People get so emotional. And when people throw a lot of money into it, it brings the worse out of them.

I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bit of of “friendly” competition. But the rules of engagement should be laid out. It is the same in politics, no one likes dirty politics. And no one likes a dirty community, pretending they are one thing and than in forums they are completely opposite.

What we need to do is really come together. As developers, as community members, all us players. We need to come together. You know that one Beatles song pops into my brain. There is truly strength in numbers. And there is truly progression in friendship and unity.

Each community can keeps its individualism. Nothing wrong with that. At the same time they can play nice with others. Be respectful, act mature, be courteous. If you are rooting for Tiger Woods, you can root for Rory too. No need to put down Rory. When we root for both teams and help each other out in the long run everyone benefits, everyone wins.

Welcome to the the New Token Economy. Sites modeled after PoWH are on the rise. My advice moving forward is that you join communities that play nice. Join the communities that have strong leadership and values.

These sites that pay out dividends as rewards for playing them can be very lucrative. No mining, no trading. Simply stake the tokens and collect dividends. Watch out for the pump dump scams. Connect with Projects and communities with leadership and values. When you follow these rules you can make it in this new Token Economy.

Now go out there and play the game. Connect with me at Proof of Community and connect with us and learn to play the game and win with us and our trusted partners.


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Artist | UI Designer | Crypto enthusiast | Developer | |

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