WARNING – Metamask Phishing Scam – Don’t Fall For It

2 min readMar 16, 2022

Well I got the message on my iPhone surprisingly from my private messages. It was odd.

Obviously I know when something is suspicious. So I dig a little deeper. I checked the WhoIs web domain for “support-metamask_xx” and comparing this to the actual metamask website things did not add up.

And then I checked the site and clicked to see what it was asking for.

Metamask would never ask for your seed phrase. And the way the website threatens and scares you to take action. For an unsuspecting user new to crypto. They could fall for it.

This site is a scam. NEVER, give your seedphrase out to anyone. Guard it with your life. And if anyone is asking for it. Run. Don’t fall for this.


  1. Never share your wallet seed phrase with anyone.
  2. Remember rule ONE!!!
  3. Never click on suspicious links.
  4. Don’t fall for any projects or anyone offering promises to moon you.

Share this with everyone you know. Protect the community. Protect yourself.

Watch out for any scams or phishing.