Watching SHIB and BTC Closely Waiting

2 min readMar 20, 2022

Sharing what I’ve been looking at the past month. It’s Very difficult to get excited about anything and I’ll share you my opinion why.

Above is my BTC chart. 30k is support. 43k is resistance. 48k and 53k are the next resistance levels respectively. As long as BTC is sideways up and down below 43k I can’t get excited about anything. 43k ~ 48k is where I’d like to see BTC at. So for now I feel it’s a waiting game. Don’t know when it will break through 43k. So for now. Stack and watch.

BTC influences the market. SHIB has also been moving sideways. I’m waiting for it to break through resistance at .000027. For now it’s at support between .000020 ~ .000023.

It’s great when it gets up to .000024 but if your trading and doing short sells its best to sell above .000024 and buy back in below .000022.

If your not trading and simply HODLing all you can do is wait.

So for now for me I’m simply HODLing. Trading a bit here and there. But for the most part I’m waiting for the Rally. The big one. And that is where we watch BTC. When it breaks through 43k and marches above 48k we can see SHIB follow and then something magical can happen.

But until then it’s all about waiting. No one really knows when that big rally is coming. But it’s coming. For now wait and watching.


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Note: I’m a simple man who loves crypto. I’m sharing with you my opinions and thoughts of the market. Don’t take it as gospel or financial advice. Always do your due diligence before you get into any of the tokens I’m talking about. Crypto is high risk and high rewards at the same time it can be brutal and volatile to the uninitiated looking to make some quick money. Be safe, don’t get rekt.