Where Will SHIB Go From Here?

In all honesty it’s difficult to predict where SHIB will go it’s surprising a lot of people. What I do know is that it’s going to keep moving up. So let’s do a small analysis based on the past few days.

We have strong resistance at the .00003528 mark. This is the next point to break through. I feel that when we break through this we are on target to breaking through the all time high of .0000388. Once we break through the ATH enjoy the ride because this is really unknown how strong we can rally.

Please keep in mind the higher we rally the harder the pull-back. I’m expecting a 25 – 30% correction. That’s my guess. As you can see when we hit the all time high of the past 7 days we had a nice healthy pull-back. And then some sideways movement between .000022-.000024. Good place to stage before the next surge up.

We do have some solid support at the .0000205 mark it’s touched Down here two times and has usually bounced back. If it does go below that I’ll need to look further before I can define the support level below .00000205.

This will be an interesting weekend and an interesting month. I’d like To see SHIB go past .00005 and beyond this month. I feel that is realistic based on the price movement we have seen so far.

This is crypto. SHIB is the way… waiting to flip DOGE. Diamond hands forever. 💎🙌🏼

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