Will SHIB Rally Before the End of Year?

2 min readDec 15, 2021


We all want to see SHIB rally a bit before the end of year. I feel it could happen but the question is when and how high? Well, if you want to know the answer to this question no need to look further then to Bitcoin. The market follows BTC. Sad but true.

To understand SHIB one must understand the sentiment of the market as a whole. You cannot look at SHIB only and hope and hope. We must be realistic with our expectations. So to understand SHIB’s direction let’s compare to BTC.

Check the above chart the areas I have marked in red. SHIB is the top BTC is the bottom. Notice the big dips the sideways movement. Their is a similarity.

So here is what I see and here is what I’m understanding when also checking my sources to understand this. BTC has already hit its low below 43k for this month and most likely the rest of the year. See the wick that dips below 43k in the beginning of December. SHIB likewise check it’s wick below .000032. This is SHIBs low for the remainder of the year.

What I’m getting at is we have hit the low and we are now ready to move back up. So as we move sideways we are staging for the next rally.

BTC will be back above 48k before months end. Looking at SHIB we could see it rally back above .000038. They will then reach their new ATH in Q1 of 2022. And then we could most likely see another sharp correction end of Q2 2022.

That’s what I’m seeing. This is what I’m understanding. Based on BTC movement representing the market. So what do you do?

Hodl. Accumulate. Don’t sell if your at a loss, wait.

Keep it lit. 💎🙌🏼🚀

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Note: do your due diligence. Don’t make financial decisions based on my charts. I’m not a financial adviser. Just a guy with an ukulele who loves crypto. With that own your decisions. I’m not responsible if you get rekt. Crypto is high risk and high rewards. Play at your own risk.




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