Woofed Some Bone for Saitama and 10x My Investment in One Month Best Decision

I staked all my SHIB on the Shibaswap. And I have accepted that after the first two weeks the bi-weekly returns are mediocre. I have diamond hands and am in SHIB for the long term.

I bought some Saitama Inu token back in May. I chose Saitama because I know of the place in Japan. I saw my small purchase x5 in about a month. Surprised I was, skeptical I have been of the project. The white paper is not detailed enough and the previous website was so and so.

However, after seeing my little purchase grow I decided to diversify. I woofed some Bone and flipped all of that into Saitama.

My Saitama gains have now x10 and has eaten away my losses in the ShibaSwap. And I must say looking more into the project my feelings have changed.

The roadmap ahead for Saitama is bright. We keep growing at this pace it is going to be happy days ahead for all of us holders.

Diamond hands on SHIB and Saitama. These are two great de-fi projects in the crypto space. Doge has no utility and these two dog tokens will eventually flip Doge.

Keep stacking. Keep accumulating. Diamond Hands.

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