Wow SHIB Gaming is The Future

The play to earn gaming space is gaining some huge traction. And those who do it right from the start will reap the benefits in the years to come. Upon reading Shytoshis’s article on SHIB gaming I’m excited. And seeing such a well known developer William Volk at the helm for development is surprising and amazing. SHIB is truly on a whole different level.

The future of gaming for SHIB looks to be mobile gaming. How many great play to earn games have you played but are only on your PC? Try playing Mines of Delarnia on your iPad. Doesn’t work. So SHIB to move into the mobile gaming space for play to earn is a really interesting concept already.

If you haven’t read Shyotoshi’s article yet I’d recommend spending a few moments going through it. I don’t need to break it down here. No specific time frame was given and NDAs have been signed. As a community we only need to be patient and wait for more details to unfold.

What does gaming mean to the SHIB token? It simply creates a more stronger ecosystem that can and will expand the world of SHIB. The value will continue to grow.

These dips and prices now are most likely nothing compared to where we will be in the future. Remember When SHIB was at .0000058 and everyone thought it was the end? Wait in a few months when people will say dang should have stacked more at .000039. And SHIB token will be .0005~

The point is play to earn gaming is where it’s at. SHIB continues to make moves that bring value to the ecosystem. The lows in the SHIB token price now are opportunities.

The future of SHIB and the future of SHIB gaming looks bright. Enjoy these lows because once we break out and make new all time highs their is no turning back.

Let’s keep it rolling SHIBArmy. Keep it lit. 💎🙌🏼🚀

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Note: do your due diligence. Don’t make financial decisions based on my charts. I’m not a financial adviser. Just a guy with an ukulele who loves crypto. With that own your decisions. I’m not responsible if you get rekt. Crypto is high risk and high rewards. Play at your own risk.



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